Owls & Eagles

Posted on November 18, 2010


Right now I am listening to Tom Venuto’s The Body Fat Solution on audio. Audio books are great way to combine learning and running and this book is a highly recommended no-nonsense guide that successfully explains the often complex relationship between nutrition, exercise and psychology and helps the reader to overcome them.

What I have learnt most from this book however is not about the different food groups, the importance of strength training or how to optimise your metabolism.

Rather, I have learnt, or had re-enforced, the importance of a good support network in your life; friends, family, partners, neighbours and colleagues.

He refers to this section as the Owls and the Eagles and discusses the varying roles that people play in our lives be it our Appraisers, Complimentors, Cheerleaders, Dreamers, Confidants and so on.

Anyone positive in your life has a role to play, an important one at that and anyone negative has to go. Negative energy is draining and will stop you from reaching your potential. These people don’t encourage you in your life, don’t accept your desire to change and grow nor help you to achieve your goals. The irony is that these very people are often this way because they feel threatened by your determination and commitment.

Also, never underestimate your family or partner … they may not always appear there for you from day one but they are the ones who will be there through anything, till the very end of the road and who have unlimited love for you.

In the end, our support network is defined not by branding people as a type of friend nor by time or circumstance.

Our support network is defined by those who we find by our side in times of adversity and challenge. This may relate to running, mountain climbing, fitness, health … or indeed none of the above.

Stick with the eagles and you will soar to great heights.



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