Mountains make my world go round

Posted on November 21, 2010


Today I had lunch with Susan, the founder of an amazing website community called Amazing Women Rock. We were discussing my love for mountain climbing and I said in a passing comment how tough it is up there, in the death zone, high high above the clouds.  Her response?  “Why do you do it?”  A pretty obvious question but one that I never tire of answering.  Here it is:

I climb mountains …

  • because I can
  • because I am blessed with an amazing, powerful, strong, healthy body that has the ability to achieve such physical wonders
  • because it takes you on a truly awesome journey, physically, emotionally and mentally and opens up your mind to new thoughts, new insights
  • because it enables me to put things back into perspective after leaving the material world of our daily lives
  • because it reminds me of how vulnerable we all are; to nature, to the elements, to enormous mountains, to terrifying storms and to deep deep crevasses
  • because it teaches me about the amazing joy that connecting with others can bring; in what other life situation can you know someone for a few days yet see them at their best and their worst, pull them up when their down, embrace them when they are cold and trust them implicitly with your own life?
  • because it reminds me of how little we really need to feel fulfilled
  • because it teaches me, in all it’s glory, the true meaning of complete and utter contentment
  • because it restores in me the sense of wonder
  • and because I can

In the words of Sir Edmund Hilary

“It is not the mountain that we conquer but ourselves.”

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