Lose the Label

Posted on December 2, 2010


It’s not only National Day today but it’s a Thursday which in Tori’s World means Talise Thursday. Most Thursdays I spend in the beautiful enclaves of Talise, being pampered, massaged, revitalised and re-energised. (The fact that I’ve already had an epically lazy week being out of action with my back injury is by the by!)

So whilst lazing at the Talise pool this afternoon, drifting in and out of delightful dreams, I was semi-evesdropping on a bunch of gorgeous girls treating themselves to a spa day. They were reading the December issue of Aquarius … and specifically, my quiz feature on Emotional Fitness. Needless to say, it’s a huge buzz to see anyone clearly enjoying your work … especially when they had no idea that the feature writer was baking right next to them. But what it got me thinking about is how we are all so intent on labelling ourselves.

Take any female magazine … in any country, targeted at any demographic profile, age or interest and rarely will readers bypass a quiz. We love them and eagerly rush through the questions to find out which category we fall into.

But why?

Is it because we want to belong? Or are we seeking a way to bring some orderly categories to the sometimes chaos of our lives?

Notice too when we meet new people and they ask what we do, we often reply saying ‘I am ….’ Instead of ‘I do ….’ I know I’ve often been a culprit … I am the marketing manager for Ignite, I am a freelance writer, I run long-distance, I climb big mountains, I am a fit-chick … you get the message. The danger is that we end up pigeon-holing ourselves and in turn, miss out on new opportunities.

When I look at my life this year, so many amazing paths have appeared on my journey, many of which I have taken … but this has only happened by stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to be completely open to whatever comes up. And this has only happened because I have actively tried not to label myself but rather be a drifter of sorts. I have my Compass of course so I know where I’m going but as for the route to get there, I’ve been open to diversions and this has paid dividends.

So …. Tori’s Talise Thursday Thought for Today is …

Quizzes are fun for sure … but be aware of labelling yourself too much … of putting yourself into neat categories and then being blinkered and missing out on new and exciting opportunities that come your way.

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