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Posted on January 3, 2011


This morning I ran my last sweet run in bonnie Scotland … not a long one, nor a particularly scenic one.  It was still dark and you could already tell it was going to be a pretty dreich* day. But nonetheless, I was determined to pound the streets and get my fix of cool crisp air and mountain scenery before returning to the sandpit.

Around 8am, when the darkness started to lift and the shadows of the Ochil Hills made their presence known, I was standing beneath the Wallace Monument and had a moment of crystal clear clarity … one of those moments when you feel truly and utterly in the now … I wasn’t thinking about outstanding deadlines or bills to be paid, what to wear or what lay for the day ahead.  Rather … I was feeling every breath and enjoying every second like they were my last.

Which made me think about how seldom we do this … how seldom we live in the now.  We rush through our lives with our eyes firmly fixed on the next promotion, holiday, it bag and so on. And whilst it’s great to dream and plan, we should also celebrate that today we have the strength and ability to do all that planning and dreaming. If you project all your happiness on the future, when you’re bigger, better, richer or thinner, life will just pass you by.

So today, spend a few minutes going out of your way to stop what you’re doing, find a spot you love and be. Just be. It’s without doubt the best (and least expensive!) reminder of how completely amazing our lives are, how terribly lucky we all are and what incredible futures we have in store for us.

And now that Christmas is out of the way, the season of obscene gift buying, we can clear away the boxes and remember that the best present is the present.

* Dreich for the non-Scots is miserable, cold, gloomy weather.  A rarity in Scotland but a Scottish word nonetheless!



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