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Posted on January 15, 2011


Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a penchant for being pampered, a lust for being a lush. So … last Thursday, the final day of yet another hectic week in the life of Tori, full of work, play, study, running and my newfound obsession with Zumba, I decided to pack myself off to Akaru Spa at the Aviation Club; just to see for myself why Akaru, meaning Bright in Japanese, seems to remain a permanent fixture in the life of all of Dubai’s spa-going treatment-loving aficionados.

I only really became aware of the Aviation Club quite recently, when I trialed their TRX class for a magazine feature. My visits previous had been limited to brunch-tastic offers at The Cellar and vino-fuelled party nights afterwards at Irish Village. So it was a surprise, a very pleasant one at that, to find that it is an amazing health club, with everything you could ask for under one roof, whatever your age, ability, sweat and pain threshold. No wonder it won an Ahlan’s Best in Dubai award in 2010.

But back to Akaru itself. With 14 treatment rooms and no shortage of candle-lit, sweet-smelling relaxation zones, the spa is a sanctuary of style and luxury. Decorated with simplicity and elegance, exuding sweet citrus aromas, and with a staff that seemed genuinely delighted to attend to my every whim, my balance was almost restored just by arriving. My impossibly high heels (not practical but the perfect match for the days handbag choice) were swiftly removed and replaced with a cute pair of Crocs; not just any old Crocs though … pink pearlescent ones; a very nice touch indeed. A few minutes later and my clothes were firmly locked away and replaced with the fluffiest of robes; wafer-thin or waffle-weave, this robe was not.

The treatment I went for was a Guinot Hydradermie Plus & Bust Treatment, Guinot’s wildly popular, star treatment. In brief, you get cleansed, toned, moisturised, scrubbed, smoothed, pampered, pummelled and polished … what makes it truly unique is that thanks to some mild electric currents applied, the penetration of the lotions and potions is increased, circulation and oxygenation to the skin is stimulated and impurities and toxins are banished for good.

What you get left with is plumper, smoother and über radiant skin … oh and a very relaxed body! I felt wonderful, without a hint of redness or irritation, so once dressed I was looking hot to trot straight across the lawn for an al fresco and super-delicious lunch at the Irish Village (new menu btw = scrumptious).

The treatment lasted a good 120 minutes which I followed with a steam and sauna. For the cost of AED 485 and several hours of complete and utter bliss, I’d say this was a pretty small price to pay. Keep your eye out for their regular promotions though as these represent incredible value for money.

Check it out … I urge you. We’re all making our resolutions right now … to be fitter, healthier, better … why not commit one to your skin and make you look younger? The added bonus of course is that it’s not hard to commit to and causes no pain whatsoever!

Besides, whilst some may say that actions speak louder than words, here in Dubai, looking glowing and gorgeous shouts the loudest of them all.

PS. A little construction at the entrance right now means marginal disruption when parking. But fear not … once behind those glass doors, you enter a haven of tranquillity where any memories of disruption melt away in an instant. But don’t just take my word for it …

Call: 04 282 8578



Open: 7 days, 10.00am – 10.00pm

Guinot Hydradermie … get the full lowdown

  • The basic Guinot Hydradermie treatment is perfect for all women whilst the Hydradermie Plus suits women aged 35+
  • It is the most advanced beauty salon treatment for maintaining a healthy complexion
  • It works by deep-cleansing and oxygenating the skin and stimulating cellular renewal
  • It also works by sculpting the face muscles – like you would do for body muscles at the gym
  • Research at Laboratoires Guinot has found that regular Hydradermie treatments also benefit the skin in three key areas – improvement in cutaneous hydration level in dry skin, reduction in sebum level in oily skin and reduction in average wrinkle depth in lined skin
  • Monthly maintenance treatments are highly recommended
  • Skin is cleansed, toned, exfoliated and analysed
  • Mild electrotherapy and gentle massaging movements of the rollers help the plant-based extracts penetrate the skin
  • Specific gels are applied to reduce wrinkles and fine lines and to moisturise the neck
  • Micro-currents are then used to life the face and bust and to drain the lymph glands
  • After extraction, an oxygenating cream is applied supported by high frequency to oxygenate and energize the cells as well as having an antibacterial effect
  • Various serums, a mask and further moisturising follows
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