A winning way to start your day …

Posted on January 16, 2011


with a Recipe from Regime Fitness

Start with a lush green lawn at Dubai Marina Yacht Club and the stunning backdrop of Dubai Marina

Take one great new company called Regime Fitness and their innovative group ex product; The Regime

Add two lovely trainers; delightful Dan and the ever so alluring Adam

One by one, stir in the following for one minute at a time, allowing a 30-second rest between each:

3x cups of Skipping

3x cups of Squat Thrusts

3x cups of Burpees

6x cups of Stability Ball exercises

3x cups of Press Ups

3x cups of the Plank

3x cups of Boxing

Sprinkle with some cool tunes and a pinch of sunshine

Finally, serve with a generous free breakfast to congratulate you on your hard work.

So there you have it. I started today with The Regime and loved it. The session works on every area of your body, covering strength, aerobics and endurance. Lasting for 45 minutes, the circuit actually runs for 3 hours – 6am to 9am – so you can turn up whenever suits you. The circuit will change at each session so you can’t possibly get bored. Bit like having a different smoothie every morning … same benefits but another flavour.  Afterwards, you can recharge and recoup with hot coffee, fresh fruit and cereal.

All in all … this seems to be a pretty wining formula …

Great training + hot trainers + free breakfast = a Recipe for Success

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