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Posted on January 22, 2011


Today was SHAPE Middle East Detox Day … and it was a fab from start to finish.

Taking place on the lush lawns at the Royal Meridien, 100 or so gorgeous girls arrived at 10am to be spoilt with freshly-pressed juice, hot coffee and breakfast nibbles.

We then had an outdoor bikram yoga sesh, courtesy of the much-loved Club Stretch. For anyone yet to find out, Club Stretch are soon to open their second instalment in the Marina … thank heavens as everyone loves the classes but Satwa at rush hour is no zen-inducing place to drive through.

Refreshments followed and then we had an hour of wisdom and insight from the world-famous Dr Harald Stossier, the medical genius behind the Viva Mayr Spa Clinic. And an insight it was, to me and everyone there. I read girly mags incessantly, and devour and digest each and every article I see on weight and wellness, diets and divas. But most of what Dr Harald had to say, I had never heard or read before.

He talked about ditching anything raw in the evening … better replace with a glass of wine, he talked about the importance of melatonin and how our bodies can’t produce it if we’ve eaten too much before bed, he shared his beliefs on liver cleansing and how bitter herbal remedies should be our new best friend and told us that if we wake between 1am and 3am, it could signify a problem with our livers. Fascinating. Just as well then that our going-home goody bag included a copy of his fab book.

His to-die-for recipes were cooked up and served to us for lunch …. divine pumpkin soup, melt-in-the-mouth chicken rolls, spring veg swimming in gorgeous oils, beetroot and asparagus … all delicious. Truly delicious.

Finally, the Heavenly Spa gave us a live demonstration of lymphatic drainage massage.

To top off the day in style, was the very lovely company to share the event with. Sometimes in Dubai I find sports teams, fitness facilities, health clubs and events can feel a little intimidating.

You have girls sizing up other girls to see who’s bum is bigger or who’s clearly had botox, a boob job, a tummy tuck … or all three … you have girls feeling cornered by burly boys, checking them out like preying cats, ready (wanting) to pounce … and then you have everyone in general, feeling vulnerable if they don’t know other people or don’t fall into a natural clique.

But today, I’m pleased to say, wasn’t at all like that. It was just a host of gorgeous girls there to enjoy a day of chilled out fun, camaraderie and community; learning, exchanging ideas and gossiping about all the important things in girl world.

Embracing your health, fitness and wellness should be all about this attitude … it’s a personal thing, not about anyone else. Do your best to look and feel your best and forget about who can go skinnier, faster, stronger, better, longer …

So I’d say Dubai’s favourite new glossie are doing a pretty great job since their launch into the region … because they’re helping us stay in tip top SHAPE physically, mentally and emotionally.

Keep up the great work Claire, Aoife, Catherine and team!

Tori x



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