Date a word

Posted on January 30, 2011


If you had to pick one word to sum up your 2011 what would it be? Your one word that depicts what you want out of the year … your theme, your motto.

I thought about this after this mornings Run & Reflect with Susan. I thought that if we can just figure out our one word, we can keep on going back to it time and time again, to help keep us super-focused and keep that inner compass pointing in the right direction.













The options are endless … and the potentials unlimited.

But we’re nearly at the end of month one which means 11 more to make plans, learn lessons, develop ideas, conquer challenges and achieve goals so use the next day or so to put some thought into this. Listen, for inspiration, to the lyrics of your most-loved songs, the words of your favourite books, the lines in your top movies.

Then … once you’ve chosen your word, change all your passwords and make it a screen saver to act as a constant reminder.

Finally …. add a Date with your Word as a monthly fixture in your outlook calendar. Then when the big day arrives, put on your best lippie and your Choos du jour, pour yourself a chilled drink, sit back and think about how well you’ve been sticking to your word and how you can improve. By December, you might just have perfected the art of living to your word … just in time to think up a new one for 2012.

Definitely my kind of date … let’s me get my way, doesn’t answer back and you can trade it in annually for a new and improved model!



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