Pomegranates & photoshoots

Posted on February 6, 2011


This morning I had a photo shoot for a magazine feature. Not being hugely photogenic and having a tendency to become shy and a bit ‘British’ when it comes to flashing my smile and exposing the windows of my soul for all to see, I normally get a little nervous in the run up.

I then await with trepidation to see the finished shots before closely scrutinising the size of my bum, the length of my crows feet and the insulation concealing the sometimes hidden six-pack!

But today was different. Oliver … the photographer, could not have been more delightful. Sweet, funny, charismatic and utterly charming, within seconds of meeting him, I felt like we were old friends and by the time he got out his equipment (!), my initial shyness was replaced with a relaxed demeanour, a positive vibe and a complete ability to feel footloose and fancy free.

What made the shoot a real success is when he told me that I’m really easy to shoot … that the shots were all turning out like a dream. He said that sometimes he can shoot the most beautiful of girls, real-life models and the like, without huge success. Why? Because their beauty can at times just be skin deep … lacking the depth and rawness of beauty from within with it’s multiple layers of wit and wisdom, love and life.

My point of this post is two-fold:

1) No matter how scary things can seem, it takes just one character to make you at ease … happy … comfortable and well, yourself. The photographer at a shoot, the HR manager at an interview, the host at a party …. wherever you find yourself, seek out that person and use them for a little dose of confidence and courage.

2) There is so much truth in the old adage that beauty is only skin deep. I like to think of us as pomegranates … those that are ripe and ready to eat, those that will be juicy, decadent and full of life, are the ones that are a little cracked on the outside. If their skin is too smooth, without any wrinkles, cracks or imperfections, then you’re setting yourself up for a big disappointment.

Wrinkles, after all, are merely an indication of where smiles have been.

PS. Oliver fyi is the photographer and man in charge at www.photosolutions.me

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