G&T; Life on the rocks

Posted on February 9, 2011


Tomorrow is Wadi Bih-eve. For those not in the know, Wadi Bih is an annual relay event comprising teams of five running a total of 75km over (very) hilly and rocky terrain in Oman. It’s the longest running sporting event in the UAE and an institution amongst those lucky enough to participate.

Last year was my inaugural year, yet I sort of missed out on the team spirit and camaraderie as I ran it through the night solo with my dear friend Cath … clearly a dear friend to have talked me into such madness. We ran for eight hours and nine minutes with our head torches for light and our constant chatter for company. It was pretty tough … but rewarding … and by the afternoon I was safely in the confines of my favourite beauty salon giving my feet the attention they deserved.

This year I wanted to experience the whole event in all it’s glory … the team spirit that Wadi Bih is famous for … to soak up the atmosphere and absorb the ambience … so after meeting the infamous Giles at a party late last year, I accepted his invitation to join his team.

Fast forward a month or so and all but the two of us have bailed, out through injury or other. So we decided to do it as a duo … half mountain biking, half running. 35k or so each. How hard can that be I thought, after running it in its entirety last year?

But now I too am injured … as we speak I am icing a rotten knee and praying for the best … and as a result I feel dreadful for potentially letting Giles down, leaving him in the lurch.

On the contrary. I nervously called him earlier to relay the worst case scenario and I experienced first hand the team spirit that Wadi Bih stands for and that I signed up this year to experience. He was cool, calm and showed no sign of disappointment in his voice. Rather we discussed the options, dreamt up a plan b and went about doing what we needed to do. No fuss … just support. We entered with the intention of participating as a team … aptly named by me; G&T, Life on the Rocks … and still have every intention of doing so. We just need to be prepared to adjust our course if possible.

So there you have it. A rather long ramble to make one simple point; the joy of teamwork. Sometimes you get to enjoy it before even getting to the event. And in a city that screams competition on every corner, a city where all to often dog eats dog, seeing support like this speaks volumes.

In the words of Henry Ford:

‘Coming together is a beginning,

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.’

Here’s to our success on Friday!

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