Long live Wadi Bih!

Posted on February 11, 2011


Wadi Bih. What a day! Despite having risen at 1.30am to get there and despite having a poor tattered knee to contend with, today has been nothing short of fabulous and everyone involved in the day has done themselves proud.

Two things now occupy my mind:

1) Wadi Bih is the oldest expatriate sporting event in the UAE having been held each year since 1993. Over the years, it has grown from being a few teams-strong to today, when I believe over 100 teams, with 5 per team, in addition to 20 or so soloists participated. I would struggle to think of anything that could be organised or managed better yet I can’t quite imagine how much work actually goes on behind the scenes to make the event run so smoothly.

There are of course a team of people who work so hard to make Wadi Bih such a success, but the biggest round of applause goes to John Young, and his gorgeous wife Barbara, who put so much effort and passion into the event. Thanks to them, I would say without doubt that Wadi Bih is the best-loved outdoor event in the UAE’s annual calendar, attracting more and more every year, of every age and ability.

If you’ve yet to experience it for yourself, keep your eyes peeled for next years event date and join in the fun! Visit www.wadibih.com for full details.

2) My ‘team’ this year was Giles. As I mentioned in my post the other day, G&T; Life on the rocks, Giles and I entered as a duo. Although we of course knew each other beforehand, we’d only met a few times and spoken on the phone on a handful of occasions. Fast forward 15 hours or so and we’ve created our own little bond. I’ve written before about the bonds created by sport and adventure and today was no different. Perhaps because you see each other in all extremes … when feeling physically exhausted, emotionally tired, truly exhilarated … all the expected highs and lows that come from pushing yourself. By the time we drove back, we were chatting incessantly about news and views, the latest gossip and our hopes and dreams. Bliss. Utter bliss.

So Wadi Bih is over for another year. But I will remember today for a long time to come and I look forward already to next year. I’ll be back for sure … and I hope my partner will be too … after all, what’s a tonic without the gin to accompany it?!



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