Don’t go breaking your heart

Posted on February 15, 2011


Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer in women now? That it kills more women than all the cancers combined? Yesterday, being Valentines, was all about love … and love comes from the heart. We only ever get one yet statistics now show that we seem intent on breaking it.

The good news however, is that around a third of heart disease cases are preventable through diet and exercise.

So follow these top tips to keep your heart healthy … and in turn, make sure you’re around for many more Valentines to come.

  • Run … do some cardio … cross-train … just three times per week, for 30 minutes a time … make this a priority in your life, up there with Winter-time beach action and booking in your weekly man / pedi

And if hauling yourself to the gym or forcing a run at the crack of dawn seems just too much to bear, there are other options …

  • Ditch the carrot cake at Lime Tree and meet your girlfriends at Safa Park instead. Pick up a good pace of power walking and conversation (!) for one to two-minute bursts. Recover and repeat.
  • Leave the Prado at home and take the kids to school on foot, bike or roller blades. You can never get kids active enough and it’s a great opportunity to bond and instill in them some healthy, blood-pumping habits
  • Walk a dog … if you don’t have one, borrow one. Little cute ones are like a fashion accessory anyway and big burly ones will keep you fit just walking round the block. Better still, do your bit and help out at K9 Friends, the charity for unloved, unwanted mutts. My friend Fiona helps out there and it brings her more joy that she could ever have anticipated
  • Boogy. Go to one of Dubai’s many dance classes (look out for the May issue in Aquarius for my feature called Dance Dubai), buy a dance DVD and invite the girls over for a marathon Strictly Come Dancing sesh … or follow bubbles and trouble on Tuesdays’ Ladies Night with a dance off at your favourite club
  • Ditch the Dodge and walk to your closest supermarket when in need of extra supplies. Stick a backpack on to carry all home and not only do you get to workout your legs but you can work on getting hot, slinky arms at the same time. We are after all, the queens of multi-tasking
  • Have a goal. Goals gives you a reason to exercise daily. They give you focus, motivation and determination. Doesn’t matter if you go for an Iron Man contest or a community 5km run. Just sign up and give yourself adequate time to train and prepare. Nothing is beyond your limits

See. Small changes. Huge dividends.

You only have one heart so don’t break it!



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