Back to basics

Posted on February 17, 2011


The Times Of Oman newspaper ran a thought-provoking article the other day. The key points were these:

Our society today is crazy about fitness. Just look at Dubai; case in point. Not a week goes by without a new fitness company, class or get-fit-quick-programme gracing our shores.

No one cared about this 100 years ago … but then, most men were doing hard physical labour day in day out and most women, washing, cooking and scrubbing at home.

Staying in shape wasn’t an issue because it didn’t need to be.

The problem today is that when we’re not bouncing like a bunny at bosu class or loading our cores at combat, we’re on our backsides all day, in the car, in the office, on the sofa … we drive the ten-minute-walk to the gym in the evening and then we feed on nutritionally starved take-away foods from restaurants sitting smugly on our speed dial.

We’re left with an energy balance equation that’s seriously out of whack hence our rapidly rising rates of obesity. Even for those who do regularly go to the gym, who do eat well, diet control and excessive gym-usage doesn’t bring an overall sense of well-being. Far from it.

But moderate eating i.e. a little of everything and natural physical activity i.e. walking, chores, diy or gardening does.

Being fit has nothing to do with being skinny either. Too many girls in this city obsess over getting into their skinny jeans … and whilst the size of their jeans won’t cause their demise, their blood pressure and cholesterol levels will.

The pursuit of fitness and health should be a pleasure, not a chore. So stop thinking of getting fit as having the same fun factor as a root canal. Rather, get back to basics by becoming more active and making sensible choices.

Forget the fads … and you can get yourself fab abs

Forget the trends … and your mind and body will be on the mend

PS. Following my reading this article, I discovered a little corner of Muscat where the love for fitness and the passion for exercise is truly live and well. Instructor Barbara, must be one of the best I’ve encountered and if I were to ever move to Muscat, she would def. be on my speed-dial to put me through my paces!

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