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Posted on February 19, 2011


AND / OR how to bag a cute Glaswegian for 8 whole weeks!

Six months ago a rugged yet charming Glaswegian called Andrew Picken arrived on our shores. Formerly part of the Kellogg’s team in the UK, a qualified nutritionist and an expert in food law, Andrew now works as the Nutritionist at Dubai Physiotherapy & Family Medicine Centre. Since arriving he has dedicated himself to quietly shaking up the UAE’s world of nutrition and the often neurotic beliefs that exist within.

He has developed an incredible 8 week programme to literally transform the lives of those who are fed up following the latest diets and not getting the promised results, those who have simply fallen by the wayside due to work, family or other pressures, and possibly most importantly, children in schools. It is the kids after all who will literally get a lifetime of benefits and save themselves from being overweight now … and from being obese in the future.

Having met Andrew in a work-capacity, I went along to his pad this morning to hear more about it. The whole programme is centered round education, information and arming his clients with the knowledge to make smart choices, not only for the duration of the programme, but for a lifetime.

Each week the focus is on a different element be it the main food groups, the importance of nutrients, food labelling and so on. He also gives each person a bespoke diet plan with gorgeous recipes. There’s no horrific calorie counting nor any restriction in what you eat. As he so rightly says, if you restrict your calories to beneath your BMR, you do nothing but cause havoc to your metabolism and go hungry.

His whole ethos centres around the Caveman / Paleo diet which is essentially an alternative term for the hunter-gatherer type diet. (Seems ironic then that only a few days ago, I wrote my Back to Basics post) A key message in the programme is restricting carb intake; not stopping it by any means … carbs have their place, an important one at that, but if you eat too many, regardless of whether brown or white, high GI or low, complex or simple, whole wheat or not, a carb is a carb and if people want to lose fat, they must restrict their intake. Simple.

Proteins are essential. They play so many roles in our body that if you don’t consume enough, vital processes are compromised. Proteins are not all created equally however so quality proteins are vital. Without quality proteins, our hormones, growth and overall health suffer dramatically. Hormones in particular need nourished as without the right amounts of the right hormone, we risk bad skin, poor nails and hair growth and even infertility amongst countless other conditions.

A diet rich in fruits (he raves about blueberries and strawberries) and veg (a variety) is also essential.

In a nutshell …

What Andrew teaches you is not rocket science … but it is the absolute honest truth of how our bodies work and how we can best manage our weight.  He breaks what could be quite complex into simple and easily digested (pun intended) information and he delivers it with charm and conviction.

We live in a world of bottoms that are ever-increasing in size and muffin-tops that are all too often spilling over the top of our favourite jeans.

We also live in a city of girls who jump from diet to diet, desperate to look … well quite frankly scrawny in my eyes. But they too are often skinny-fat girls … beyond the skinny jeans and slinky tops are bodies with that haven’t lost the fat but simply shed all muscle … and in doing so they’ve more often than not given themselves high blood pressure and high (bad) cholesterol levels.

So …

  • if you want to lose weight and keep it off, give Andrew a call
  • or if you want to change your shape and give yourself a taut, tight and fabulous body, give Andrew a call
  • or if you want to secure the future health and wellbeing of you and your family, give Andrew a call
  • or if you want your kids to learn stuff that will literally save their lives, give Andrew a call
  • or, last but not least, … if you have a penchant for lovely Scotsmen with a wicked smile and a contagious laugh, a larger than life personality and enough charm to soften the hardest of exteriors, give Andrew a call
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