Kick-ass kettlebells

Posted on February 21, 2011


On Saturday past, the lovely Emirates Golf Club had a fantastic open day … a Fit Lab. Apart from being an all-round glorious afternoon … perfect setting, beautiful sunshine, lush scents omitting from the new Senasia Spa, bumping into several girlfriends who I don’t see too often and a cool and fun vibe as members and others tried out the different classes they offer … the climax for me, the icing on my cake, was the Kettlebell class from Andrea.

I’ve tried Kettlebells a good few times before. When the lovely Peter first set up his business here, Spring Dubai, I was delighted to be his guinea pig for a few trials. Fast forward a year or two, and I was reminded of just how great a concept kettlebells are.

Because the kettlebells centre of mass is in the handle, meaning the weight constantly pulls against your hand, exercising with it not only requires all round strength and co-ordination but using the arms, shoulders and trunk.

They burn up to 1500 kcals per hour and are known to burn fat faster than any training method. You improve your power, performance and endurance no-end as well as increase strength and flexibility. Beginners can start by just lifting and carrying them around whilst elite athletes can do advanced sequences and techniques to target various muscle groups and movement patterns. All very cool.

Andrea now works with Peter and she seems fab. Her instructions were super clear and she’s great at correcting your technique yet also quick to tell you when you’re doing a great job too. That for me is what makes a top instructor. Too soft and your technique won’t be perfect so you don’t get the maximum benefits. Too hard on the other hand, and you lose spirit and the enjoyment which classes should be all about.

So thank you Andrea … for hitting the mark and reminding me how kick-ass kettle bell training really is.






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