Make time to date

Posted on February 23, 2011


I sent an email yesterday to Roger and Richard, two of my KTM-based running partners, asking them if they wanted me to bring anything over tomorrow.

Kathmandu, after all, is not quite the shopping mecca that we’re spoilt with here, unless of course you want to stock up on thankas, lentils or fabulous fashion in the form of genuine-fake mountain hardware gear or silly yoga-style pants normally reserved for credit-card hippies on their fifth consecutive gap year.

Their reply?

DATES. Glorious middle-eastern dates. The perfect food to snack on between running up and down mountains.

I am a lover of dates albeit, but Roger’s request acted as a cool reminder of how utterly spoilt we are here with dates in abundance. From gorgeously plump fresh dates bought in corner neighbourhood stores to the huge variety on display in our supermarkets, we couldn’t go dateless if we tried!

And not only do they taste delicious but they’re the perfect energy food. They are an excellent source of fiber, slow-releasing sugars, magnesium and potassium. They also make a great medicine for their tonic effect, thanks to their ability to supply energy, repair waste and give our intestines a host of friendly bacteria.

What else?

They are meant to be an excellent hangover cure … good to know after one too many cocktails at ladies night or excess champagne at brunch. And they strengthen the heart too as well as reportedly being a beneficial boost between the sheets by improving sterility and stamina.

So making time for dates seems an obvious choice if you want to better your running, boost your sex-life and fuel your feel-good factor the morning after the night before. And of course for our heart’s sake which seems kind of fitting in light of the number of dates we should have coming in and out of our lives!

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