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Posted on February 28, 2011


First published on LOVESTYLE

Did you know that during an average aerobics class, your boobs move up to 12cm up and down?

This weeks post may seem at odds with the lingerie LOVESTYLE divas are normally concerned with but when it comes to keeping fit, you need to replace the word style with sensible and wear a proper sports bra. Sad words to hear I know but worth a million dollars when you think about the effect that sport has on gravity.

Follow my tip-top guide to keep your tips in top shape, pointing upwards for as long as possible and worthy of the slinkiest of tops for evermore.

• Choose the style best suited to you – compression style, one that separates the breasts or a model that does both

• Choose compression, or a bra-like halter top, if your boobs are small

• If you’re larger-breasted, you’ll need more support so choose one with separate, moulded cups

• Try on a few so you can feel which styles are most comfortable on

• Make sure the bra is snug but that you can still comfortably take a deep breath … and hopefully, then get quite out of breath during your workout!

• Check for support by pulling the straps and bottom of the bra – it shouldn’t stretch very much

• Perform the movements of your sport when trying on the bra – jump, stretch, reach and run in place

• Check for potential chafing by running your fingers over the seams to make sure they are smooth

• Discard old bras promptly – they lose their support when the elastic breaks down

• Sports shops like Go Sport and Sun & Sand have plenty of style-conscious sports bras … check out Nike, Saucony, Reebok and Adidas

• For proper support though, you’re best going to a department store such as Debenhams or M

• Every manufacturer tends to have their own sizing system so note that from style to style, your size may change

So next time you go for a workout, assuming you want to continue to look pert in your Prada and fab in your Furstenburg, forget La Perla, Victoria’s Secret and Agent Provoc. and follow my advice above.

After all, there’s no point investing in beautiful threads if you’re not investing in the body beneath.

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