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Posted on March 1, 2011


Have you got plans for Easter weekend yet?

If not, why not plan an adrenaline-fuelled, fun-filled, highly-charged adventure in the Helambu village of Sermathang, Nepal?

Last weekend I passed through the village myself, enjoying a weekend of running, laughter and endless hot tea with a fabulous group of people. My Heaven in Helambu post tells you more.

We met Tshering Lama in Sermathang, winner of the 2006 Bufoventures Everest Marathon, who consequently, with a group of others, re-opened the community school in the village. It’s called the Yangrima Boarding School. We went on a tour of the school and it was fantastic. Perfectly poised to peer over snow-capped peaks and full of chattering children getting an education and hopefully, a far more secure and positive future then they might otherwise have been facing.

This 23rd April, Tshering Lama is organising a mountain marathon, a 42.2km loop and the 1st Beyul Hyolmo Marathon.

So think about it ….

  • Flights from Dubai are cheap with Fly Dubai and Air Arabia
  • On arrival and before leaving KTM, you can spend a night or two at the stunning Summit Hotel which is a little corner of paradise in a sublime part of town
  • Before and after the run, you will sleep in local village tea-houses which can’t fail to delight with their incredibly warm welcomes and steaming cups of tea enjoyed huddled around wood burning stoves. The tea-house experience is both humbling and delightful … and I think, an experience us spoilt Dubai-ites should all regularly be immersed in
  • The run will be a stunning route with snow-capped peaks, trees weighed down with magical flowers, forest trails, dramatic valleys and support and camaraderie from the local community. Needless to say, this beats hands down endless circuits around Safa Park!
  • The money raised from the entrance fee, a mere $US50, (far less than what we pay for brunch without thinking about it) will go towards life-changing resources, supplies and improvements to the school for these incredible children and the passionate group that are committed to giving them a future
  • If you’re not up to the full marathon, there will also be a 3km fun run
  • Last but not least, think how many calories you’ll burn running up and down these mountains … enough to warrant extra chocolate Easter eggs for sure, with 100% pleasure and 0% guilt. Now there’s incentive alone …!

Need to know

If wanting to participate:

Email Tshering at least 15 days in advance to

He can also be reached on (980) 326 1695. His English is pretty good.

He can arrange accommodation in the village for registered participants (with payment direct to the lodge owners)

Re transport to Helambu and other arrangements, the Summit Hotel have a Trekking & Travel arm who are second to none at making sure your trip is top-notch

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