Winning wellness

Posted on March 5, 2011


Today I went to the annual Wellness Day at Dubai Ladies Club.

Despite being a pretty grim day weather-wise, with the sun desperately trying to shine but just not quite getting there and the wind causing multiple hair-on-lipgloss moments, the highlights for me were these:

  • The all-female atmosphere at Dubai Ladies Club always creates a lovely feel, a chilled out vibe only complimented by the landscaped gardens and the crashing waves beyond. There’s a lot going on there, from sport and beauty to theatre and the arts … it’s a popular place, a Dubai institution and once you’ve been, you see why …
  • Today there was a full schedule of cool classes to enjoy for free.  I did Fat Burner, Pilates, Body Attack and Body Combat.  All were great.  Titia, who took Fat Burner, Pilates and Attack is a great instructor; charismatic and always smiling, both of which are contagious as she seems to create great energy in all her classes
  • Also on offer were various health tests; blood glucose levels, BMI, blood pressure and bone health.  It was the bone health one that truly rocked my boat.  My results showed, in all their glory, that I have in fact reversed my diagnosis of osteopenia three years ago.  Woop woop.  My mum had low-level osteoporosis, which she too has since reversed and I have had an ongoing problem with amenorrhea … combined, these led me, in 2008, to having a DEXA Scan and then, my results declared the onset of osteopenia. Today though, I fell firmly in the middle of the Low Risk category.  The providers of the test were Anlene and the Dubai Bone & Joint Centre.  My result was explained to me by a lady called Almeera who said that essentially our bone health boils down to three things:

1) Getting 1,000 mg calcium a day … must be all those latte’s … thank you Costa!!

2) Doing regular weight-bearing exercise … no-one could accuse me of not getting enough of this!

3) Getting sufficient amounts of Vitamin D i.e. regular bouts of sunshine which can only mean that my regular ‘brain-storming sessions’ by the pool in my bikini have not been in vain!

So thank you Dubai Ladies Club for a fun afternoon of winning wellness.  And thank you Anlene and Dubai Bone & Joint Centre for sharing the good news. And thank you Titia for doing a great job of promoting group exercise. And finally, thank you ladies for a fun afternoon on an otherwise rather bleak day.

PS.  On a serious note, I believe I have managed to reverse my condition with strength training … yet another reason why us girls should be lifting …. forget the silly pink dumbbells that weigh no more than a clutch and instead do fewer reps of the highest weights you can lift.  The proof is in the pudding in my case and besides, you will give yourself fabulous arms, sexy shoulders and perfect pins at the same time.  Talk about multi-tasking!!


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