Fuel for marathons (running AND retail)

Posted on March 6, 2011


First published on LOVESTYLE

There might not be huge numbers of LOVESTYLE divas that run marathons but there are no prizes for guessing that all LOVESTYLE divas love marathon shopping sessions so whichever camp you fall into (in my case both!) take note.

A healthy balanced diet and a regular exercise routine are vital to remain a healthy weight. There is nothing worse than not being able to get into clothes that you only bought and so loved last season.

Forget about all the nonsense extreme diets you sometimes see in magazines and forget about starving yourself in anticipation of a canapé and cocktail-laden weekend. Operating this way will not only result in you being heavier in the long-term but in the short-term it will leave you severely lacking in energy which will put all but a stop to those (retail) marathons.

You need to eat the right things at the right times to perform well and as you well know, trawling Dubai’s never-ending malls require energy, enthusiasm and endurance in abundance.

So bear in mind these simple tips before your next trip mall-side and you can rest-assured that you’ll love the entire experience all the more … and no sooner than you’ve hung up your latest must-haves, you’ll be preparing for your next retail race.

BEFORE MT (mall trawl)

  • Time to carbo load … not of the naughty-carb variety but healthy slow-releasing carbs such as oats, beans and legumes.
  • Carbs are the body’s key source of energy so without stocking up, you won’t get much further than the entrance!


  • The key here is to stay hydrated – I don’t mean in the sense of a chilled sauvignon blanc over a mid-shop lunch – rather regular sips of water or sugar-free fruit juices. If really going for it, during DSF or the Harvey Nics sale for example, an isotonic drink to replace lost salts may come in useful.


  • Again, hydration is key so continue to drink little and often. To help your muscles recover … your biceps and triceps from hauling your shopping bags around all afternoon and your glutes and thighs from squatting and lunging all day as you constantly dress and undress in multiple changing rooms … eat a combo of protein and carbs at a ratio of 1:4 ideally within two hours of handing over your credit card for the last time.

Happy shopping LOVESTYLE divas and long live your energy levels in this shopping-crazy emirate we live in!



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