A Penny for your wellness

Posted on March 7, 2011


Yesterday the utterly charming Sean Penny swung by Park Place to put me through my paces with the Nerve Express and Dynamic Express tests.

Together, as The Wellness Brothers, the boys are doing amazing things … literally revolutionising the fitness, health and wellness industry as we know it today. They are both super qualified and have done huge bouts of research into what works, what doesn’t, how our bodies work and how to maximise performance, who ever you are and whatever your goals. It’s all pretty fascinating stuff and I could have listened to Sean talk about it for hours and hours.

But back to my tests. All about me me me! I await some more detailed feedback from Sean as the software really does tell you a wealth of information but the story so far:

Nerve Express looks at the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis. En anglais?!? It looks at the variability of your heart rate … i.e it’s movement, it’s range, whilst ‘resting’. HRV gives you a much better understanding of your current form than traditional (and static) heart rate readings. It tells you whether you are overtraining and it tells you if your body is under emotional and or physical stress which may hamper it’s potential performance.

This was the easy one. All I had to do is put on the heart rate monitor, attach another lead to my t-shirt and then lie down for three minutes followed by stand up for the same. Not too taxing!

The Dynamic Express, on the other hand, looks directly at your fitness levels based on HRV during exercise. It is the first fully-automated system of its kind. Using a heart rate monitor to collect RR interval data, the test looks at our levels of physical reserve and our dynamic ability level.

The test involved lying down for several minutes followed by three lots of three-minute runs on a treadmill, getting progressively faster, then lying down again, to ‘recover.’

As for my results?

The Nerve Express said I have adrenal fatigue … I need to take more care of my emotions and hormone-regulation.  Read stress!!!

The Dynamic Express gave me fitness results that are top of the league. Sean seemed most impressed!  I felt like a school girl being given a gold star and an A+. (I love to be teacher’s pet despite spending too many years as a teen either grounded or in detention. Sometimes, gin, boys and / or Marlborough Lights just led me astray!!)

Combined, these tests show even more i.e. my recovery times / my fitness level may be great … but they could be much better if I make some small lifestyle changes and reduce the adrenal fatigue. Much more potential in Tori World then …

All in all … an eye-opening hour or two.

And I’d say everyone could do with finding a Penny for their wellness.

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