I like it RAW

Posted on March 9, 2011


At the Taste Food Festival last weekend, post a few delish samples and pre a cheeky vino or two, I fancied a coffee. And there, in front of me was the RAW stand. Perfect.

Now I love coffee … and am no stranger to my regular fix. But in terms of fitness, I am also a big believer in its performance enhancing effects. Whether it truly acts as a stimulant or just has a huge placebo effect will always be argued … but there are no shortage of researchers who have undertaken caffeine studies. And no shortage of psychologists who have studied its effect in nearly every iteration.

Every one of these seems to conclude that caffeine does unequivocally enhance performance. It does this because caffeine helps the muscles to use fat as fuel, sparing the glycogen stored in the muscles and increasing endurance. It may also increase the power output of muscles by releasing calcium that is stored there. And it affects the brain’s sensation of exhaustion i.e. the feeling when we think we can go no more.

So …. it works. Hurray.

And it’s legal. Double hurray!

The questions that remain then are how it exerts its affect and how much is required to do so.

But back to RAW. In light of the above, I’m always interested in discovering a new fabulous coffee company and RAW is no exception.

  • I love the fact that the couple behind RAW, Kim and Graydon, are super passionate about their beans
  • I love the fact that they are a boutique roastery
  • I love the fact that they do not strive to be on the corner of every street, on the strip of every mall … rather they distribute through fab restaurants such as Rivington Grill (great spot to enjoy the fountains), Berts (I am never far from the Berts at Greens) and Sugar Daddy’s (I try to stay far from here for obvious reasons!!) … plus plenty of other places, all of which are listed on their site
  • I love the fact that the roastery is based at Dubai Garden Centre … what a chilled out spot to enjoy a cuppa. And you can taste the different varieties on offer there too
  • And most of all, I love the fact that you don’t even need to leave the house to get RAW. Simply give them a call and they will deliver to you, within three to four hours, for little more than the cost of instant coffee at the supermarket

In addition to a gorgeous coffee, I left with a RAW magnet which is now fixed firmly to my fridge … a must-have addition to the speed-dial list I think …



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