Magic herbs & their special effects

Posted on March 10, 2011


Typing this blog title brought a wicked smile to my face as it brought back vivid reminders of the magic herbs scattered in abundance on the pizzas at Happy Pizza in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Hilarious memories spring to mind of the antics that result from ordering an ‘Extravagently Happy’ pizza mid-morning then spending the best part of a day cruising around town on a moped. Enough about that though …

I’m a sensible soul these days so the magic herbs in my life are more akin to herbal supplements and life-enhancing tonics. So following my Dynamic and Nerve Express Tests with Sean from The Wellness Brothers earlier this week, he sorted me out with some adaptogens … something I knew nothing about previously.

Fast forward to a shady drugs exchange meeting (!) yesterday and this morning my adaptogen pill-popping officially commenced. My results and feedback will come but in the meantime, I’ve been doing some research.

Here’s what you should know:

  • If you are tired, stressed or rundown, then you should know about adaptogens; they are basically tonic or strengthening herbs of which ginseng is the best known example
  • They all have multiple effects on the body and mind but all come down to one salient point – they balance, strengthen and calm us which means we are healthier, stronger, more relaxed and better able to deal with the stresses of life
  • If they were better known, they would be used much more readily for their profound healing abilities. These herbs have been used for thousands of years and by billions of people. The verdict? They are medicines of the highest order and strongly support strength, health and deep vitality. They support life
  • To be called an adaptogen, a plant must have certain characteristics. First, it must be extremely safe. Second, they must increase the body’s ability to deal with both internal and external stressors. Lastly, they must optimise our body’s functions by bringing them back to balance
  • In Chinese medicine, adaptogens are herbs that:

▪ increase mental and physical capacity

▪ reduce fatigue

▪ improve resistance to disease

▪ extend lifespan

  • They are considered fountains of youth. They bring us back to optimum balance, strength and immune function and this is the most powerful way to minimise the effects of aging … needed in my shaky age of fast-approaching the mid-30’s!!

The two adaptogens Sean prescribed for me are Magnolia and Performax, a combo of Cordyceps strains.

Magnolia, or the bark of the Magnolia tree, is a traditional Chinese medicine used since 100 A.D. to support the body and nurture wellbeing. Two of it’s chemicals are up to 1,000 times more potent than Vitamin E in antioxidant activity so pretty strong stuff. Who knew that the bark of such a gorgeously fragrant flower could do so much for our health and wellbeing?

Performax on the other hand enhances energy levels, stamina and performance and it does this by increasing the actual energy molecules at cellular level. My energy levels already seem to rival those of the Energiser Bunny so watch this space!

Only time will tell how much I get from these adaptogens but initial thoughts from my research so far? If they are as great as they are claimed to be, they might just go down in the same league as iPods and ghd’s …. i.e. I now wonder how I possibly coped before they became a firm fixture in Tori World!



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