The truth about the third eye

Posted on March 12, 2011


Today I spent a very enlightening afternoon at The Third Eye.

Sitting quietly in a corner on the 11th floor of Al Saeed Tower 2 on SZR is The Third Eye centre. The place is a mind, body and energy centre with a whole host of workshops, alternative and complimentary therapies and talks on offer. I went because they were having an open day and I love learning about the often incredible arts and practices involved in achieving personal fulfillment, lasting happiness and further enlightenment.

All the various practitioners were on hand to give everyone a taster of their specialist therapy. I went with my dear friend Jen and it turned out to be quite an eye-opening few hours.

First up was Qigong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system of self-healing exercises and meditations that strengthen the physical body, improve health, rid you of stress and facilitate spiritual growth. Its whole purpose is to open up our channels of perception of the universe and find our place in it. The literal meaning is Qi – energy and Gong – direction in other words ‘the control and direction of energy’.

By balancing our yin and our yang, we’ll basically find zen and in doing so reduce the stress in our lives and increase our energy levels.

The instructor was a beautiful girl called Ania who had an impossible-to-resist energy. She took us through one of the core exercises knows as Big Tree. The idea is that we emulate a tree …. i.e. feel connected with the ground; strong, powerful, energetic … and not swayed by such trivial matters as where to get the best highlights and whether the purchase of yet another DVF dress can possibly be justified. Ania recommends we all start our day with the Big Tree, amongst others … and like all things in life, through practise, practise and more practise, the real benefits will begin to emerge.

And I have to say that by standing like a tree for ten minutes, holding my ‘ball of energy’, feeling rooted with the ground, connected with the sky and opening myself up to receive chi, I did feel super warm, fuzzy and energised. A nice feeling and a really rather lovely meditative state to get into.

Next up was a Chakra Scan and Healing with Affirmations.

Done by the centre owner, Milan, she held our hand, one by one and ‘scanned our auras’. Bizarrely, as soon as she started on me, she said that I must have just had some healing and that all my chakras were unblocked. Correct. I have my Wednesday afternoon sessions of Reiki with the lovely Emily at Know how Life and I leave with a new lease of life every week.

She then did a reading with her crystal pendulum which was swinging like crazy when hung in front of all seven of my main chakras. She asked if I had recently come to a very big decision in my life, a decision that was liberating and weight-lifting. Mmmm. Bizarrely spot on.

Finally, I had my tarot cards read by a cute French Moroccan called Noor.

A little sceptical at first, because I think tarot readings and such like are sometimes so vague that you can interpret your reading to whatever you wish to believe.

And indeed, what he said was pretty open to interpretation. But positive also and I wait with anticipation as to what bears fruit. The key points were these:

  • I am at a crossroads between my purpose of when I first came to Dubai and that now. I need to redefine my reasons for being here now

My take? For anyone who knows me and the recent goings on in my life, need I say more?

  • On the work front, I have huge unleashed potential but have to be more open to working with others, more open to new connections

My take? Probably very true. I love my work and feel there are endless more opportunities to explore. But I should, I expect, spend less time tapping away on my mac in my apartment, alone, in my pj’s …!

  • The next three months will be very telling. I must not doubt anything that happens, just let them be. Straight after my birthday in April, I’ll see much more clarity in my direction and come July, my year and good fortune will peak

My take? Following my birthday I will be back running in Nepal which could mark the beginning of quel que chose …

  • Girlfriends. Apparently my girlfriends will be a great source of support in the coming months and I should rely on them more

My take? Heard this before … and probably very true. I know certain girlfriends who would certainly agree!

So it seems the Third Eye Centre might just be a pretty good place to get reconnected, refocused and forever enlightened. I plan to check out a future workshop for sure…

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