Know your life with know how life

Posted on March 14, 2011


This morning I had a coaching session with my friend Emily from Know How Life.

An enlightening morning indeed and having arrived at 9.30 and expecting to leave at 10.30, before we knew it, I was still sprawled over the white couch (!), at nearly midday.

As Emily is my friend, (and my Reiki-healer extraordinaire) she said we had to put our friendship aside for the session and try to maintain a strictly professional ‘client / coach’ relationship. (Needless to say however, as soon as I arrived, we couldn’t help but have a little chin wag!)

But then … down to business ….

Now I am a very self-aware person.   I do my own life-wheel exercises all the time and I set goals for all the areas for my life and revisit them often. It’s just the way I operate.

But something about doing it with someone else, being asked questions that you can’t just fling aside or save for a later date, makes it a much more genuine and objective exercise. No room to hide … no excuses to be made … just the most genuine possible conversation about your life, what you stand for, what makes you tick and what you want when it comes to love, life and all in between.

Emily, and I say this without being biased, is possibly the most easy person to chat to. She’s warm and compassionate … and well just one of the girls so you don’t ever feel uncomfortable regardless of what you have to say.

She reminded me at the end of our session about the importance of balance. I, for example, had split my wheel into eight slices and whilst I’m very happy with all, well seven of these right now, the marks I gave out of ten still varied. And this means that on a day-to-day basis, I’ll have a tendency to focus my efforts on those areas with the highest score to the cost of those with a lower score. In turn, this of course means that the divide only gets greater.

So …. I’m going to make a conscious effort, going forward, to always confront any areas which need a bit of work and not save them for a rainy day.

And this it seems is the best way to make sure the sun shines in our worlds, every day …

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