People and picassos

Posted on March 15, 2011


The art scene in Dubai this week is as hot as it gets what with the opening preview of Art Dubai this evening and a ton of other exhibitions going on throughout the city.

I plan to swing by the Madinat this evening en route to the airport for a little preview… sans cheque book … and a chilled glass of bubbles under the moonlight at the Madinat.

For anyone who knows me, they know I have a love for art. For as long as I can remember I have spent far more on art for my walls that I would ever consider spending on myself … my mother once told me that it’s far better to have a small, unknown original on your wall than a mass-produced print and since that day, I have yet to adorn a wall with a print. Rather have a blank wall if I’m perfectly honest. I am so attached to my art that it moves wherever I move and I will spend hours looking at the same piece when seeking escape, inspiration or solitude. (Perhaps also because I lost custody of the TV’s!)

And often when I get mesmerised studying a piece of art, it made me think about this:

Sometimes when you look really closely at a painting you can start to appreciate all the multiple layers that have made the finished result … the layers of thick rich acrylic and the rich textures that result … and you start to realise how much work has gone into it. A fine piece of art is beautifully complicated … a rich tapestry of artistic layers and a classic case of the whole is more than the sum of the parts.

And in many ways, people are like that. We’re all like pieces of art. Priceless pieces of art that we spend our whole lives working on. Each part or layer is an element of our character, developed from our experience and environments to date.

Externally … we look after our skin from head to toe with moisturisers, exfoliators and more. We get our regular manis and pedis. We train every muscle in our body to feel fit, strong and ready to face whatever life throws at us.

Health and nutrition-wise, we spend a lifetime developing the best habits we can. Sometimes we fall off the wagon … a naughty few months here and here but generally, we learn more and more about what foods we should be eating and why … and what foods are body adapts best to and how much it really needs. Most importantly, amongst girls in particular, we start to learn how to differentiate between hunger … for food … and emotional hunger or comfort eating to distract us from having to confront other issues.

And inside we work on, well, working it out! Working out who we are and what we want. What we stand for, our values … our own personal brand.

So … the point of my post today is not be too hard on yourself and expect to live some painting-by-numbers life. Staying within the lines is dull as dishwater.

You are a work of art and the greatest works of art have all had plenty of mistakes but they’ve just been washed over with another layer or a deeper colour. And they become all the more richer for it.

The greatest art isn’t developed by simply colouring in between the lines and rubbing out any little blemishes. The greatest works of art are those that have multiple layers of life, colour, fabric and texture.

And the best works of art are priceless. They may change hands sometimes but they are utterly unique, one of a kind and totally original which means they can’t ever possibly be valued.

So if you have the pleasure of discovering Art Dubai this year … and find yourself with a cheeky champers in hand, raise your glass to being a priceless piece of art …. and remember to never stick within the lines but also to take utmost care, because you simply can’t be replaced.

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