Mile-high meals

Posted on March 16, 2011


I arrived at the airport last night, excited and prepared (or so I thought) for a fairly smooth sailing journey to Budapest via Vienna with 12 or so hours of uninterrupted bliss to read, chill and listen to some good tunes. The purpose of my journey is to run the 200km Balaton Supermarathon that starts tomorrow.

But it turned out that I had am important little lesson to learn via an expensive bill and a fraught half an hour wondering whether I’d be popping back home in a cab.


Because on checking in, I realised that I had booked my flights for 17th Feb instead of 17th Mar.

The lesson? Stop multi-tasking Tori …. if booking multiple flights, to multiple destinations on multiple dates, whilst probably doing several other tasks and thinking about others again, then mistakes will happen. Expensive mistakes!

Anyway … no biggie. Life is just a series of lessons and already twelve hours later, I am laughing at myself for being such an idiot.

And the biggest realisation has turned out not to be the above but rather the almost comical meals that airlines try to palm off as edible concoctions to weary passengers. Thing is, for years I have ordered special meals but due to my error, my special meal was waiting for me last month instead of last night.

So …. I was presented with a tray of food that resembled that of a plastic toy for a doll’s house with some powdered eggs, powdered tomato and a strange sausage-like object.

And I wondered … why does everyone not order special meals?

  • It takes one easy click of a button when booking your flight
  • And you can choose from the longest list of options from raw veg to fruit platters to dairy free and countless other options
  • And because the special meals are prepared in less bulk, they taste way better
  • And you get served first instead of having to wait forever whilst the fat man in row 12 deliberates between powdered fish and powdered chicken … which both incidentally taste the same, look the same and leave the same stain on your shirt

As for me, I always order fruit platters or raw veg … and then depending on the time of day, I take along my own little supplementary picnic …. oats, dried fruit, nuts for the morning or yummy breads, cold meat and olives for later on. Delish. And so easy if you’re a Tupperware queen like me.

And a million times better for you.

After all, it you’re spending good money on buying flights to travel the world, taking time out in your work schedule and investing in a little self … and geographical-discovery, why on earth would you not want to invest in what goes in your body and make sure you arrive feeling healthy, energetic and ready for adventure instead of feeling bloated, lethargic and like you’ve done permanent damage to your digestive system?

PS. Of course, this only applies if flying in cattle class. Readers who turn left on entry need not take note.



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