Diamonds in the rough

Posted on March 25, 2011


Sometimes finding a great masseur, and specifically a great sports masseur, is like finding a diamond in the rough.

Finding Angelique then, equates to finding the quintessential rock in the perfect cut and clarity, presented in that iconic blue box. The Tiffany’s of sports masseurs.

I arrived back from Budapest late last night following a few days being on my feet from morning till night, as I explored and unearthed the marvels of beautiful Budapest with my mum. Before that, I ran the Balaton Supermarathon, a 200km multi-day run around Hungary’s Lake Balaton. Combined with my knackered knee, my poor aching limbs are feeling a little tender.

Or should I say, they were … as this morning, after my first post-event run with the delightful Jo Coburn, I headed down to Optimal Fitness at Studio City, to have Angelique work her magic.

Optimal Fitness, for those not yet acquainted, is a new gym and studio set-up in the heart of Studio City. Decked out with super cool equipment and with a fab schedule of classes, I doubt it will be long before it becomes a permanent fixture in all those living in the Ranches, Motor City and beyond.

As for Angelique, as a PT and with a background in rehabilitation, she certainly knows her stuff. She used an invigorating combo of eucalyptus and peppermint oils, which is great for sore muscles, then starting from top to bottom, she worked on my neck, my shoulders, my back and my legs, front and back.

By the end of the hour, I felt great and I left feeling tender yet relaxed; the ache in my limbs replaced with relief, the feeling of weights in my legs replaced with springs. Angelique said to expect to feel a little woozy … the trigger point technique creates a detoxifying effect causing the muscles to expel its waste. She then said to relax for the rest of the day … (never one to disobey orders (!), I now lie sprawled on a Costa couch under an umbrella in the Greens) and she said that during my next training session I will feel renewed and recharged. Fabulous I thought … me, you and everyone can always do with having the batteries recharged.

The icing on the cake is that Angelique is such divine company that even while she kneads out the knots and pummels every surface of your body with force and vigour, it’s genuinely an enjoyable experience.

I guess it’s fitting here then to call her an absolute treasure … a jewel befitting any sports person who is serious about optimising their recovery and maximising their performance. Give me Tiffany’s any day!

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Angelique Arbuckle, Optimal Fitness, 04 423 3302



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