Getting off pant-free

Posted on March 25, 2011


There isn’t a LOVESTYLE diva out there who doesn’t LOVE spa treatments. It seems no matter how busy we are, with work, rest and play, time will always be found for a pre-party body scrub, an energising massage or a youth-grabbing facial. But with so many spas in the city … of varying size and scope, ever feel confused re spa etiquette?

Read my top tips to keep your spa visits footloose and fancy free without a hint of awkwardness when it comes to getting your kit off and your cash out! After all, going to a spa is meant to be relaxing and indulgent, not angst-ridden or panic-filled where you worry about whether you’re a weirdo because you’ve arrived without pants or a prude because you have.

Speak up

Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions. Spas should normally tell you what to wear or what not to when booking, but if they don’t, ask yourself! Ask your therapist to explain in full what the treatment entails and what products are being used. And if you’re not enjoying it, tell her. You’re paying for a service so you need to make sure that the treatment satisfies your needs and expectations.

Get organised

Book your treatments in advance. If escaping the city for a weekend or simply staying put but want prime time slots, book ahead of time so you know you can be pampered at times that suit you. Pick your therapies wisely too … lots of spas have huge menus so check out all the options open to you – a stress-busting or anti-cellulite massage sounds so much more LOVESTYLE’ish than a bog standard pummeling

Be an early bird

There is nothing worse than racing through the doors, heart rate sky-high and a forehead glistening with sweat beads after legging it down SZR and frantically seeking the closest available parking slot so plan backwards and make sure you arrive 30 minutes in advance. Many spas also offer a chill out zone, relaxation room or use of the sauna, steam and plunge pool so take advantage and get the full benefit of your treatment

Switch it off

For a few hours, resist the temptation to check your Blackberry every 30 seconds and leave your phone in the car. The relaxation benefits of a spa treatment are completely lost if you don’t allow your mind to relax and your body to rejuvenate. Free your mind and take a break … and remember that any new work demands or social calls will be waiting for you later on!

Chill out

Therapists are trained professionals and there are so many more benefits to be had for your mind than the obvious skin renewing, glowing and preening benefits you see externally. So … use your treatment as an opportunity to really chill out and escape the pressures of every day life. Soak up the peaceful atmosphere of the place and you might just feel a little more ready to face the challenges of the rest of your week.

So LOVESTYLE divas, I hope you go forth and spa like you deserve. Beauty may only be skin-deep but that doesn’t stop us wanting to look, smell and feel gorgeous!

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