The skinny on cocktails

Posted on March 25, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE

Spring is well and truly upon us and Summer is just around the corner. What this means for us LOVESTYLE divas is that no sooner have we got into the habit of taking out a chic wrap to keep ourselves warm, do we need to pull out our favourite bikinis and start getting a Summer glow on our Winter white complexions.

So, in addition to the regular bootcamp, yoga and pump sessions we all know and love, it’s also high-time to start paying a bit more attention to what we’re putting into our bodies.

One huge area where smart choices can easily be made without losing one iota of fun is on Ladies Nights. If you like a cheeky cocktail or two with your girlfriends, but want to ditch some of the empty calories that cocktails are all too often associated with, then think about ordering a skinny cocktail for a change.

Here’s some top tips:

• Make a Margarita a Skinny Margarita by asking for the sugar to be replaced with a sugar substitute like Splenda. You can cut the calories in half this way with any cocktails that use a lemon or lime mixer

• When coke features, ask for diet coke and tonic, ask for slim-line

• Other great low-cal mixers are light cranberry juice, sugar-free orange juice and sours

• The general rule is the higher the alcohol percentage, the more calories you will consumer so opt for cocktails served in high-ball glasses rather than short tumblers or rocks glasses as these tend to have a lower alcohol content

• If it’s a cool beer you’re in the mood for, keep the carbs to a minimum with light beers such as Michelob Ultra. Light beers have the same amount of alcohol but with fewer calories

• Avoid punches and tropical cocktail options as these normally contain high-sugar content mixes

• If sipping vino, save on the calorie content … and the sore head the morning after, by ‘lightening-up’ and ordering spritzers instead; you’ll cut calories and make your drink last longer

• Beware of the free bar snacks … popcorn, peanuts, pretzels … all delicious … and harmless if you stick with a little nibble but dangerously more-ish as the hunger pangs set it. Better order some healthy starters to share amongst you

• Champagne … always a good option … always!

So there you have it LOVESTYLE divas. Make some smart choices next time you hit the town and you can sip sans guilt and remain well-hydrated. And I always stress the importance of keeping your fluid levels high!




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