Faking it

Posted on March 31, 2011


I love the sunshine … and despite living in a place where the sun shines about 360 days a year, I still have the rather ‘Scottish’ mentality of feeling like I ought to be out ‘playing in the sun’ when it’s shining instead of working indoors. This I suppose explains my unofficial office being Costa at the Greens … sunshine, umbrellas, people watching, wireless … and endless Americano’s.

But … I have found myself recently, when nipping down to the pool, seeking a shaded lounger instead of prize-position in the rays and likewise, I’m becoming far more diligent at applying protective lotions and potions. Why? Perhaps as I reach the grand old age of 30-something, I’m increasingly desperate to still look 25 … this and the fact, that in Dubai you’re never far away from women who have clearly spent too much time baking in the heat and now have skin that could be mistaken with a fabulous crocodile skin clutch. Thing is … it’s only fabulous when seen on said clutch. Not, sur le visage!

So … with this in mind combined with the wedding celebrations of the wonderful Mary and Mark this weekend and the resulting cocktail frock I shall no doubt be squeezing into, I decided to fake the bake and went for a spray tan this morning.

My thoughts?

  • So easy – turn up showered and exfoliated, take your kit off and stand front, left, back, right
  • So quick – I think I was in and out within 15 minutes
  • So convenient – they’re located at the Body Smart / Hypoxi Therapy studio at Hayya, Meadows Town Centre (by the big Spinneys) so minutes from anyone living in the Marina, JLT, Greens, Lakes, Meadows, JI, Em Hills and Disco Gardens
  • Such great value – Aed 150 per tan or less if you buy a package
  • Smells divine – remember that really awful biscuit smell associated with old school fake tans? Forget that. This smells like gorgeous gingerbread. Even now as I sit and type, I think I smell good enough to eat
  • And … it lasts – you get seven days of looking gorgeous and glowing especially if you follow the easy tips you leave with to prolong the colour and ensure even fading (you can also buy XEN-TAN product to further prolong it)

So faking it seems like a no brainer then. I guess we’ve all known this at some point (!) but use this as a reminder. Next time, you want to be a bronzed beauty pre-party or celebration … or even just to have a year-round summer glow, just call and book in a session.

As for me, thanks to Jean, Dubai’s favourite tanning machine, I feel hot to trot and ready to let my hair down. Just need to work out what to wear now …

Need to know

Product: XEN-TAN

Visit: www.hypoxitherapy.com

Call: 04 363 8318

Email: studio@hypoxitherapy.com



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