Ironing out the kinks

Posted on April 5, 2011


It’s no secret that yoga is great for running … any high impact, intensive sport really, but I find running in particular benefits, thanks to the improved breathing, alignment, posture and balance that yoga brings.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s a pretty great antidote to life full stop, the day-to-day pressures and the multiple roles we play.

As for Pilates … ditto. At first attempt, I hated Pilates then I discovered a diamond in the rough with the name of Real Pilates in Jumeirah 1. One of Dubai’s best secrets, although it’s not really, because it’s packed with ladies from throughout the world, day in, day out, desperate for their Pilates, yoga and reformer fix.

But back to me me me. Following my highly-intensive Tabata session with Hanan on Sunday night, I went to Noura’s Yogilates class yesterday. The ideal opportunity I thought, to iron out the kinks, get down with my downward dog and stretch like a fat, lazy cat on rising.

And … just as Noura’s company name would imply, Yogalates Bliss – Dubai, the class was bliss. Pure bliss.

Taking place in the Greens, I wondered down from my own flat and in a quiet little corner of grass, a small yet committed group of ladies, laid out their mats and prepared to escape for 60 minutes.

Yogalates is a total system of mind and body healing, combining the flexibility aspects of yoga with the muscle strengthening and toning benefits of Pilates. Where Yogalates differs from yoga is that it helps you to develop greater inner core stability.

What struck me most during the class was the delightful singing of birds. Loud, vibrant and very therapeutic. Yet despite living in the Greens myself and walking a lot around here, sometimes we’re so busy thinking about what needs done, getting from A to B, what’s for dinner … or in my case … writing mental to-do-lists(!) … that we forget to listen to the sweet sound of the birds around us.

Bliss indeed.

Keep up the great sessions Noura and I think you’ve found a divine little corner of Dubai to practice this ancient art.

Visit: Yogalates Bliss – Dubai

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