Decadence in Deira

Posted on April 10, 2011


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Ever have the feeling that you’re stuck in a rut?  Weighed down by the pressures of every day life and lacking in energy and vitality to treat every day as your last?

Then you need The Spice of Life treatment at the Taj Palace.

You will be cleansed from head to toe, your mind, body and soul, outside and in. You will feel nourished, balanced and replenished, ready to face and embrace all that life throws at you.  You will leave with a new lease of life.

In fact, my Taj experience began before I even set foot in the spa, when a phone call arrived whilst driving along Sheikh Zayed Road to find out if I needed any directions or help to find them.  Setting the standards to this level before I even arrived meant my expectations were of the highest order.

And thankfully, they were not only met but they were exceeded.  On arrival, I swiftly rose to the 11th floor to find a compact but neat health club, an outdoor rooftop pool beyond, and beyond again, a set of heavy doors leading to ‘heaven on eleven.’

With energising music, freshly-cut flowers and candles flickering in petal-strewn cases, my journey had begun. The décor just adds to the atmosphere, thanks to the warm rich reds that cover the walls.

A cold towel and a refreshing ginger tea was enjoyed before changing into the fluffiest robe and having my feet washed by Aurora, my therapist.  I also paid a visit to the sauna and steam room to help open up my pores. I was then lead down the candle-lit corridor to my treatment room where The Spice of Life commenced.

The treatment comprised a body scrub, a Jacuzzi and a massage. The finest spices are combined to nourish and harmonise the body, the essential oils work on the mind to balance the emotions and the base oils work to replenish and maintain the natural oils in the skin.

Before beginning, Aurora brought me a tray to allow me to see, feel and inhale the luscious scents of the spices she would be using.  Surrounding them, were small stones engraved with the values carried by the spa’s team. Those that remain etched in my memory were Respect, Love, Integrity and Spirituality; a unique and memorable touch.

A Spice Salt Scrub was used to exfoliate all the dead skin cells, which living in a city like Dubai, with the pollution and fumes that surround us, is a necessity for all. Once the deep-rooted dirt and grime was a distant memory, my skin felt supremely refreshed and light as a feather. The aromas floating around me smelt divine, thanks to the extracts of cinnamon bark which I learnt is a great spice for strengthening and enhancing circulation and cleansing the blood.  Meanwhile, the salt promotes the elimination of toxins through the pores, decreasing inflammation and healing sore muscles (being an athlete, this is just what the doctor ordered!)

Aurora applied the scrub with just the right amount of pressure, from head to toe.  She then prepared the Jacuzzi whilst I lay in a dream-like daze, allowing the salt spice to work its magic.

Immersing myself in the Jacuzzi felt utterly divine and was only enhanced by the scent of turmeric.  Turmeric is an excellent antiseptic and contains an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant called curcumin which apparently has remarkable cancer fighting abilities.

Twenty minutes later, after a decadent soak, it was time for my Spice Oil Massage which made me feel like a pampered princess with my every whim being attended to. Designed to enhance relaxation and reduce physical stress, the oils used contained cinnamon, cardamon, ginger and nutmeg oil.  Cardamon is considered the queen of spices; it stimulates the heart and brings us clarity and joy. It also helps rid us of emotional stress and mental strain whilst providing relief from joint and muscular pain.  Ginger meanwhile is an invigorating spice, often referred to as ‘the universal medicine’ for its versatility and healing properties.

The nutmeg oil, often used in homeopathy, stimulates the brain and thereby reduces stress and exhaustion. It’s also believed to enhance concentration although during the treatment, the only thing I could concentrate on was how good it was making me feel. If only, I could have captured that feeling forever, for future use when back on Sheikh Zayed Road!

The Spice of Life is a truly memorable experience, 100% decadence in Deira and 100% decadence that you deserve …


TAJ Palace Hotel, Deira, Dubai

Tel                   + 971 4 211 3114



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