Advice from a mountain

Posted on April 11, 2011


I have borrowed these words from a mailer I received this morning from Julie Amer of Mountain High.  Julie has an incredible company, formerly based in Dubai and now in Hong Kong.  Global by nature however, Julie encourages and inspires ordinary women to do extraordinary things, to discover their true potential and to  transform their dreams of adventure into wild and wonderful real-life experiences.

I read the below this morning and it stuck a chord, in part I suppose because of my infinite love for mountains and in part, because the advice is all very relevant with the hand of cards life is dealing me right now.

If you’re same, read, review and relish ….


Savour life’s peak experiences

Stand in the strength of your true nature

Follow the trails of the wise ones

Climb beyond your limitations

Leave no stone unturned

Never take life for granite!

Patience , patience, patience

Life has it peaks and valleys

Let your troubles vanish into thin air

Enjoy the journey step by step


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