Runs, rain & relationships

Posted on April 13, 2011


This morning I had a gorgeous run with Anja …. the first I hope, of many.

Three things have played on my mind since my return:

Familiar faces & friends

I have seen Anja on Beach Road runs for a year or two. Always running solo but with a very consistent pace, I’ve often wondered what events she runs in. Anja then came across my blog and got dropped me a line with a truly humbling and touching email.  Fast forward several weeks and this morning we enjoyed a lovely plod around Emirates Hills.

I love that sport brings people together that might never have connected. Sport brings down barriers and crosses divides between countries, background, career and all else.

Singing in the rain

Once upon a time, I may have cursed the rain, looked out the window of my Edinburgh flat to see a bleak sky and clouds ready to shed tears, resigned with dispair at the thought of another day huddled under an umbrella and preparing myself for super sleek locks being replaced with a frizzy mess.

But now, with so little rain in Dubai, when it does come, it’s exciting. Feeling the raindrops in my hair this morning, leaping over puddles and enjoying a cool (ish) wind on my face made me feel terribly alive.

I love how the rain made my feel this morning. Symbolic when you think about how rain literally brings life to desert regions. It reminds us that water is precious in these environments, that we should respect its scarcity and not be so careless with running taps and waterfalls.

Run free

Anja and I discussed our GPS’s. She’d read my post previously about no longer wearing one and is starting to feel the same way. And when we returned to the Greens, despite my usual free-spirited approach to running-routes making her late for work, the first thing she said was how wonderful it was to literally run free …. to turn corners when you feel like it, to make up your route as you go along and to just get lost for an hour or two.

This reminded me of my favourite quote from one of my top reads … Mountains of the Mind … when the author Robert MacFarlane says:

‘Most of us exist in worlds that are humanly arranged, themed and controlled. One forgets that there are environments which do not respond to a flick of a switch or the twist of a dial. They induce, I suppose, a modesty in us.’

I love that Robert manages to convey this so beautifully and I love that I now enjoy running free day in, day out without a flicker of a thought to distance and pace. Every day we work to lists, follow schedules, time-watch and diligently plan. Our hobbies then should surely take the opposite path.

Thank you Anja for a precious plod and for bringing these three things to light.

All good things come in threes after all!



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