Getting Naked in Dubai

Posted on April 14, 2011


With the huge selection of brands and their origins to be found in the supermarkets here, it can sometimes take a PhD to understand the food labeling … or, as is often the case, a vivid imagination due to the distinct lack of!

And needless to say, if we can’t make smart nutritional choices based on facts and figures when buying our own groceries, then we’re doomed when it comes to the party scene with it’s canapés, cocktails and more.

Combine this with the diabetes and obesity epidemics we have here, epidemics that show no sign of slowing down, and two big potential solutions spring to mind.

1)    Transparent food labeling

2)    Education

Two easy steps … one the responsibility of the food brand / restaurant in question and the other education for the consumer.

So when I checked out the website of Naked Pizza the other day, it was music to my ears. I’m not even a huge pizza fan but I will be now because I LOVE the concept behind it and their whole approach.

Their aim is to be ‘Simply the World’s Healthiest Pizza’


  • By being all natural

Their dough, sauce and cheese contain no additives, preservatives, colorants or weird chemicals of any kind

  • By having fewer calories

They reduce the calories by using a multi-grain dough mix and by not adding sugar or butter to the dough or sauce. The cheese is a great tasting skim milk mozzarella

  • By including prebiotics

Called an invisible super fiber, prebiotics improve your balance of healthy probiotic bacteria for improved immunity

  • By going multi-grain

They use a diverse blend of more than 10 ancestral grain and seeds

  • By including probiotics

Probiotics are health-giving bacteria that live in our guts and essential to a sense of balance

  • By adding more protein

Their mixture of multi-grain flours and numerous whole grains boost the levels of important plant proteins which helps the body to achieve optimal performance and reduce hunger

  • By using less fat

No trans fats, no butter and their special skim milk mozzarella

Much like lots of things in life, break them down and they become simple, manageable and well … totally digestable (pun 100% intended).

All in all, I’d say an excellent reason to get Naked!

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