Monkey magic

Posted on April 16, 2011


I had heard great things about Artistic Yoga and have fancied trying it for ages but not until this evening had I checked it out. And despite feeling agitated and slightly jaded today, thanks to a great party and one too many vodka jellies last night, I can honestly report that for a full hour, my monkey mind was completely and utterly silenced.

And now? I feel rejuvenated, replenished and looking forward to a restful evening ahead.

Developed by Himalayan Yogi and spiritual master Bharat Thakur, Artistic Yoga is an innovative approach to an ancient art that affects the body like nothing else. It combines ancient yogic techniques with modern cardio training and partner-stretches that work at every level;

  • physical – flexibility, strength and endurance
  • mental – stress relief and alertness
  • and spiritual – awareness of the body and meditation

Combined, they help bring about complete transformation.

Back to basics with Bharat

From the age of four, Bharat Thakur was trained in the ancient science of yoga in the Himalayas by his Guru.

“When I returned from the Himalayas, I was amazed to see that the ancient 5,000 year old science of yoga had been reduced to just a few asanas …”

Realising that yoga needed to be re-worked to suit modern man, he combined his yoga training with his education in modern exercise physiology to develop his own thing – enter Artistic Yoga!

How it stands apart

  • It is a thoroughly researched, ground-breaking system that helps people to effectively deal with acute stress levels, obesity and lack of energy
  • The system creatively combines yogasanas (physical yoga postures), partner-stretching techniques and body-part training
  • Body part training? While yoga traditionally repeats the same asanas in every class, Artistic Yoga classes are unique each day and focus on only two body parts per class thereby achieving dramatic results and not allowing the body to adapt to routine
  • At the mental and spiritual levels, it works with breath and meditation, ensuring that you leave each class feeling energised, yet calmer and at peace

I chatted with Namita, the instructor afterwards. She’s fairly new to Dubai but I imagine will fast gain quite a following, thanks to her nurturing nature and obvious passion to share her expertise with all those lucky enough to be on the receiving end.

Artistic Yoga really seems to be a complete yoga approach for the body, mind and spirit.

Holistic and Artistic … is it a co-incidence that these rhyme?!

Finally, as for the title of this post, any class that truly manages to quieten my monkey mind … make me feel completely focused on the present … is magic in my eyes. Monkey magic.

Thank you Namita!

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