Saluting the moon

Posted on April 19, 2011


Another yoga class I hear you cry?

Yes and no, my reply.

This one was Full Moon Yoga at Al Qasr’s Talise Spa; possibly one of my favourite destinations in the world for feeling utterly spoilt and pampered.

And every month they have a Full Moon Yoga class. Except this one wasn’t really a class, it was an experience.

The setting alone is out of this world. Taking place on the white sandy beach, Persian rugs on the stage, fire torches lining the mats, waves lapping, music playing and the imposing Burj standing tall beyond.

As for the yoga, we did a series of Hatha yoga poses, concentrating on breathing and deep meditation; exhaling disease, pain and sorrow and inhaling health, freedom and happiness.

The energy from the moon is meant to enhance all areas of our life; its fullness represents plenitude, abundance and generous blessings. Yoga under a full moon then is the perfect opportunity to align our bodies to the lunar cycles and start a journey towards inner peace and wellbeing. Lunar energy also has a direct effect on our second chakra (Swadhisthan chakra) due to its water element; this is the chakra responsible for our basic need and desires.

I loved the entire experience and by the end, felt euphoric. My dear friend Jen who came with me summed it up perfectly. She said she spent the rest of the evening feeling like she was in love … you know, that all-over-glow that only the feeling of loving and being loved can bring?

Full Moon Yoga at Talise; where the body moves, the spirit soars and the heart sings.

All in all, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate and embrace lunar energy and all it has to offer.

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