Hypoxi hype or cellulite solution?

Posted on April 23, 2011


This morning, I rocked up at Bodysmart’s studio at Hayya! in the Meadows for my power plate session but instead decided to give Hypoxi a go. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about as it’s widely touted as the best treatment for cellulite and Bodysmart has women coming in and out all day every day to get their bottoms bikini-ready and their legs in shape for the shortest of shorts. Celebs-ville loves it … even Robbie Williams is apparently a religious user!

Hypoxi, for those not in the know, is all about vacuum-sealed mini-skirts. It works on the link between circulation, metabolism and exercise … so yes, you do need to exert a little effort yourself rather than lie flat on your back day-dreaming! It’s perfect for anyone with poor lower body circulation; perfect for me then what with my low blood pressure and poor circulation full-stop.

The idea is that low pressure within the chamber forces fatty acid into the blood stream where it is burnt up by the muscles during the exercise. As a result, the treatment improves circulation, detoxifies, boosts metabolism, targets stubborn fat on your tummy, bum and thighs, firms skin, causes weight and centimetre loss and improves the appearance of cellulite and veins.

Phew …!

You basically squeeze into a wetsuit-resembling mini-skirt (not of the remotely sexy variety unfortunately), attach a heart-rate monitor to your chest and then your lower body is closed into a contraption that sort of looks like the pods you find when you turn left on entering a plane. Numbers are punched into the machine based on your level of cellulite, your size and fitness level, and you then pedal at a consistent speed for 30 minutes. It’s not too tiresome though as I managed to catch up on this weeks Grazia and Hello without breaking a sweat …. and with some top tunes on the huge flat screen in front of me and a chilled glass of water beside me, I felt quite looked after. (I even left with a ‘post-hypoxi treat’ of a handful of almonds … nice touch ladies!)

Of course, after just one session, life-changing results were not evident but whilst peddling away, I could definately ‘feel’ it working thanks to the slight suction effect of the vacuum. Ideally you should have three thirty minute sessions per week for 4-6 weeks.

Bodysmart have a great promo on right now, combing Hypoxi with Power Plate and their fabulous ginger-bread-smelling Xen-Tan spray tans …. so if you fancy giving it a go, then now’s the time. There are no shortage of people who swear by Hypoxi … and when I asked Monique, Bodysmart’s Manager, how long the results, post-package, last for, she said you just need basic maintenance sessions … supplemented by a good diet of course.

Having spoken to a few people today about it and following some more research on the internet, I would say the answer then to the title of this post is without question the latter.

Need to know:

Tel: 04 363 8318

Email: studio@hypoxitherapy.com

Visit: http://www.hypoxitherapy.com

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