Formulas & frogs

Posted on April 27, 2011


The other day my friend and running buddy Fiona swung by my place. I was showing her all my fabulous new running gear from adidas and we started chatting about the importance of looking good while you train.

We agreed outright … look good = train better = feel better.  A simple formula.

This is not just a question of vanity … (vain, who moi?!?) … but rather based on the simple premise that if you look and feel good on the outside, it follows through to the inside. This in turn brings us confidence, courage and strength to go that extra mile. We all know this but still, I bet like me, there has been the odd morning when you wake up and just want to throw on some ancient lifeless ‘feel-good’ threads … the equivalent of reaching for comfort food in times of need.

This morning I had my Wednesday morning trot with Anja and we touched on this same subject. Again, we decided unanimously that wearing cool kit keeps us motivated which in turn, must surely improve our performance.

Anja then started professing her absolute love for her adiZero Adios trainers, which she aptly calls her green frogs.

Her exact words?

‘I love them because they make me happy.’

I’ve now done a little research into these shoes and funnily enough, the Adios trainers where created specifically for athletes who train harder to win bigger. They were designed with Haile Gebresalassie and took him to a world record 2:03:59 in the Berlin Marathon, 2008.

Need I say more?

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