Lessons from letters

Posted on May 2, 2011


Last week, in response to my article in Aquarius a few months back – 9 STEPS TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, I received this email from a girl called Hafsa:

‘I started eating healthy, and started using the treadmill which my mom gifted to me 2 years back but I never used it. Now it’s been 3 months and I have achieved what I wanted all my life. I became more active and healthy. I feel so good about my self. I no longer compare myself with the other girls. This is something really special to me. I couldn’t really imagine that I can make my dream comes to realty in such a short time. So thank you Aquarius so much. Thank you Victoria – without your wonderful article I wouldn’t be living my dream. You really made my life’

Needless to say, I had goose pimples reading this and felt so humbled by Hafsa’s kind words.

But the email also acted as an important reminder that we all rely on others for inspiration in our lives. This girl found inspiration from me and in turn I seek and find inspiration from plenty of others … or do I?

When it comes to running, there are of course countless inspiring runners who I look up to … runners who run incredibly far distances or on phenomenally tough terrain … but those who inspire me most are those on the other end of the spectrum; those who have defied the odds to run around the block, those who have fought illness and injury with spirit and grace, those who have battled the bulge and lost extraordinary weight by unrelenting hard work and discipline and those, in a marathon, who take the longest time and find every mile a struggle yet continue to the bitter end. (I wrote not so long ago about a certain Aiden Hughes being my inspiration back at the Dubai Marathon)

So in actual fact, it should be me writing to thank Hafsa for being a source of inspiration, a step of motivation and a journey of discovery for me. The rewards to be had from hard work know no bounds and Hafsa has reminded me of this.

Remember always … Impossible is nothing … I may have borrowed this line from adidas but I love these words so much, I’m making them my own.

My words, my adidas.

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