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Posted on May 4, 2011


Once upon a time I had a full-time office job (the memories still haunt me!) and the office in question was on the 11th floor of Al Shatha Tower, Media City. Fortunately, on the 9th floor, was a beauty salon where Bea, a fantastic masseuse, would pummel and pamper me at least a couple of afternoons a week … my boss, conveniently, was Edinburgh-based hence my uber-liberal self-imposed spa-visiting habits.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and I returned last night to the same joint for a yoga class with my friends Cath and Biggie.

Transformation with a capital T.

Now called Chill Spa, the entire 9th and 10th floors have been converted into the sexiest of spaces, a complete haven of tranquility. The décor is divine and the ambience inviting … and there’s something on offer for everyone from Moroccan Hammams and Balinese Boreh to Javanese Wraps and Shiatsu; this in addition to a whole menu of massages and the quintessential Eve Lom facials. There’s also a great gym, pool and class studio as well as a hair salon, where word on the street is that a certain Luke is becoming every women’s new best friend as the hairdresser who can do no wrong … in Dubai, where I hear of so many hair disasters, he is clearly a diamond in the rough.

But back to my yoga class. Taken by the lovely Laura, who I remember from previous classes at Zen Yoga, she strikes the perfect balance between encouraging her yogis to push themselves but also to feel completely relaxed and at ease whatever your level or flexibility (in my case, after an increase in running of late, my flexibility is rivalling that of a very old lady). The class was quite dynamic, with a real focus on core conditioning so I would say ideal for anyone wanting to compliment other sporting passions. Laura played great music … perfectly in tune with a yoga class but at the same time upbeat … chill out tunes meets gypsy kings … relaxing yet revitalising. Just what you need on a Tuesday evening post work, especially those confined day after day in an office!

Following the relaxation at the end of the class, Laura spoke of bringing joy, peace and happiness into our lives. And I can safely say that I left feeling full to the brim of all three. So thank you Laura … and thank you Chill … I will return soon for more joy, peace and happiness!

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