Burn off the Bunnies

Posted on May 8, 2011


As published on LOVESTYLE

OK LOVESTYLE divas, Easter is now a distant memory which means it’s time to polish off the final chocolate egg if you haven’t already done so. And whilst chocolate in small quantities, especially dark chocolate, is full of disease fighting antioxidants, it still takes its toll on the size of your bootie so use the coming weeks to put in an extra effort to banish those extra calories and get you back on track!

What’s the damage?

The average Easter egg contains around 530 calories, but factor in the decadent chocolate treats found in the middle and you’re looking at a diet-busting 1,000 calories per packaged egg. Frightening thoughts?  Oh yes! Fear not however as we’ve done the sums to work out just what you need to do to get even!

  • The fastest way to get rid of that chocolate egg is to run at a constant speed of 7mph for an hour. Dropping your speed to 5mph means you’ll need to run for about an hour and 20 minutes
  • If you don’t like running, kick-boxing comes a close second, burning around 900 calories an hour depending on how much you push yourself. To hit that 1,000-calorie mark, book in for a one-on-one session with a trainer and keep training at a super high intensity
  • Surprisingly, swimming is one of the best calorie-burners but again, only if you really push yourself. Calorie expenditure depends on which stroke you choose and how hard you work. Sixty minutes of continuous butterfly would burn off around the 1,000- calorie mark; continuous breast-stroke at a strong fast pace burns 750 calories an hour, front crawl comes in at 700 and backstroke at 600
  • A leisurely cycle will burn only about 350 calories an hour, but work on your speed and you could hit around the 600-calorie mark. If you haven’t got a bike or don’t live in a cycle-friendly community, try spinning instead; you could burn about 800 calories an hour
  • Although a stroll doesn’t sound like a great calorie burner, if you go for a good power walk you will get a great work-out. Walking at 3mph burns only 300 calories an hour but walking uphill at the same pace burns around 425 calories an hour.  You may need to rely on the treadmill on an incline for your uphill walking!
  • A high-impact aerobics class will wipe out around 600 but a more gentle, low-impact aerobics class uses only around 400 calories. Or take to the ropes and get skipping; it’s hard work but will burn a good 700 calories an hour. Body Pumps is great too!
  • Housework and general chores are a good replacement for the gym so why not take over from your home help for a week or two?  Cleaning, vacuuming and scrubbing can add up to around 450 calories an hour if done with a bit of vigour so don the rubber gloves yourself and spring-clean away that egg
  • If you have a garden, get out there and tend to it yourself! Get digging, raking and planting for 60 minutes and you will burn around 350 calories an hour
  • Getting active with your kids and if you don’t have any, borrow your neighbours! Create a treasure hunt, play hide and seek or a game of tag – anything that gets your heart rate up – and you could just burn 700 calories an hour!
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