My adidas

Posted on May 13, 2011


Yesterday I ignored the growing to do list for a bit of online ordering instead.

On to the adidas website I went … I expected to take half an hour or so to jot down on an email my like’s / dislikes / fav tops / fav bottoms / trainers of choice / accessories … oh how could I ever get accessories (!!) … to my new best friends at adidas.

How naïve to think I would take half an hour!

The range is MASSIVE.

Between originals, style and performance, for whatever sport you love and whatever colours you love, you are spoilt for choice. Just browsing through the pages is a visual treat … akin to me like being a child in a candy shop. And all this online never mind the excitement I feel when physically going to the store!!

So quite some time later, I compiled my wish list and the rather extensive wishes within.

I have now discovered that the adilibra range is my range … so stylish, so chic yet so effortlessly simple. I love every single last thread.

As for the trainers, the adizeros look too cool for school and the supernova glides are my top shoes for training.

Funny how we label ourselves so quickly.

No sooner am I sitting at the adidas table and I’m already claiming my very own chair.

So going forward, I expect you’ll be seeing me adorned in those three little stripes quite a lot.

… most likely sitting in my other claimed chairs aka the brown leather club seats… in my office aka Caribou in the Greens.

adidas, adizero’s, americano’s …. A’s all round.

Make that A stars.

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