Shakin’ it up at Fit-Quake

Posted on May 14, 2011


Today FXT Fitness held Fit-Quake … a charity event in aid of raising funds for the recent earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. Held at Studio Fitness in JBR, it was a day of fitness and fun although post a long run this morning, I admittedly opted out of anything remotely resembling hard work and stuck with shaking my booty with a spot of Zumba and then stretching it out with Body Balance.

There were heaps of classes though … starting from 8am along … so it was the perfect opportunity for people to taste test classes they’d not tried before. My friend Jill worked up a sweat with ViPR whilst I opted for a heavenly massage by the crew from Relax. (I have been to their place off Al Wasl Road before for Thai Massage and they rock!)

Following the classes was a stint of fitness challenges with some cool prizes up for grabs and then Matt Coe gave a talk on pre and post training nutrition. Being an avid reader on sports nutrition myself, combined with my training far harder than the average gym class participant, I expected not to learn anything new. But … I was wrong. He related our bodies to buildings in an earthquake (fitting in light of the aim of the fundraiser) and likened our need for protein to the bricks, carbs to workers and fats to the foremen. Clever!

He then related different types of training session, strength building, HITT (high intensity interval training) and endurance  to different figures on the Richter scale to demonstrate what effects each has on our bodies and how we should prepare and repair our bodies accordingly.

The icing on the cake was a fantastic home-cooked Thai lunch … spicy and absolutely delicious … the perfect fuel to quieten my grumbling tummy.

I had then intended to pop along to Hayya in the Meadows for their Zumba Party Hearty …. a mammoth Latino-inspired Zumba-fest with all proceeds going to the Heart Foundation. But it’s hot and I had an early start so write this on my balcony instead … with a light breeze to dilute the incessant heat today and the birds singing around me. Time to relax!

Thank you Grant and Simone at FXT … and thank you Jessica and Louise at Studio Fitness … and thank you Matt for teaching me about BCAA … and thank you to the healing hands of my masseur from Relax and the luscious lunch lovingly made and consumed in style.

 The efforts of people who care play a vital role in aiding the recovery of cities and countries struck by disaster. And if you can do this whilst having fun then it’s surely a double whammy … not to mention, an opportunity to multi-task in the best way possible!

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