Hidden gems

Posted on May 16, 2011


Fraser Suites. I’ve driven past them dozens of times, along SZR between Wellington School and the twin towers but I’ve never put much thought into what goes on behind its four walls and never had any reason to go there.

Until today. The lovely Noura of Yogalates Bliss has recently moved her classes there and this morning I went to check one out.

I loved the last class I tried and ditto this one. Noura has a contagious energy and a smile that radiates amongst all who get near her. The format of her classes is great … deep stretches and good core work with a lovely group of ladies eager for a bit of her magic.

I’ve been liaising with Noura for the last few days for a forthcoming kids feature I’m writing for Aquarius as, in addition to her classes for grown ups, she also holds a too cute class for minis. I needed a quote from one of her little yogis and the words from 5-year-old Denise were about how she loves doing animal poses.

And when you think about it, it’s the same in an adults class really, what with postures that imitate the likes of cats, fish, turtles, camels, cobras and eagles never mind the quintessential downward dog,

I left feeling fab. And no wonder. A class with Noura is an hour to forget about bills and spills, deadlines and diets … and in their place, a chance to spend a good hour concentrating on ourselves, focusing on our breath and making cool animal shapes with our amazing bodies.

As for the Fraser Suites, an absolute hidden gem. Tucked up high on the 7th floor, there’s a 25m infinity pool, a gym with views to die for, a tennis court, squash courts, a spa, a crèche and all the rest. Had I known, I would have had my bikini at the ready and my laptop with me for some serious poolside creativity!

So next time you drive past Fraser Suites, spend a moment thinking about what goes on behind those four walls and another thinking about how fab you might feel if you take the lift to the 7th floor. Morning classes are held in the studio whilst evening ones are outside on the terrace with views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

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