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Posted on May 22, 2011


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This weeks post, LOVESTYLE divas, is about looking good whilst you work out. Check out the chicks around you in any gym and you have some, you divas I hope, who wear great threads in gorgeous colours with a cute polish to match. Others however, seem to reserve the cool kit for stepping out to work or play and throw on any old thing to train in.

My thoughts?

Look good whilst you get fit and you will perform better, be more motivated, have greater confidence and enjoy the entire experience much more. Why should you feel the need to lose weight or get in shape before investing in great clothes?

Just pop into any adidas store and you are spoilt for choice with the kit on offer. I swear, you will want everything that catches your eye. And by making some smart choices style-wise, you can make sure that what you wear is uber-flattering so no-one even need know if that bottom isn’t yet wobble-free or the muffin still needs some work.

• So what is most flattering? It depends on your individual body shape and size but as a general rule go for dark bottoms, a decent sports bra and a coloured top. Lime greens, hot pinks, all shades of blue and cool purples are adidas darlings right now

• If you aren’t very confident about your body image, you should look for workout clothes that provide good coverage. This applies especially living here in the Middle East where it pays to be conservative

• If you are heavy-set and have problems with chaffing, wear compression pants or leggings under a looser pair of shorts

• Choose clothes for a specific sport in mind. If heading to yoga, you need clothes that will stretch and bend with you so check out the lovely Stella McCartney’s range for example or if doing high-impact work, pick more form-fitting tops, especially if you have big boobs. Your choices must be practical as well as psychological

• Comfort is key too so look for clothing in performance fabrics that are breathable, moisture-wicking and quick-drying. If training outdoors in Dubai, especially now as we head into Summer, cotton will get wet and stay wet before you even get started!

• Pick trainers that are right for your sport and your feet. Shoes for running are designed to give you forward and backward movement whereas aerobics will require shoes that allow for side-to-side movement … again, adidas have the biggest range in rainbow colours. I am LOVING my bright pink adizero’s

• Don’t overlook your underwear … if you don’t wear a proper sports bra any high-impact activity will bring with it huge discomfort never mind the resulting sagging boobs

• When it comes to the finishing touches, avoid clogging your pores by keeping make-up to the minimum or even go bare-faced … if that’s just too much to bear (!), a tinted lip balm or a tinted moisturiser will add a bit of colour to your face

• And don’t overdo the jewellery (says Tori the queen of bling!) … it can get caught in equipment though and wearing rings whilst lifting weights just gives you calluses

At the end of the day LOVESTYLE divas, exercise requires energy and putting on clothes that you last wore on a duvet-day post after a blow out with your partner or too many cocktails at Ladies Night is without doubt going to be an energy zapper!

Look sharp and feel sharp … it’s as simple as that!

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