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Posted on May 29, 2011


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This morning (note: written & first published last Sun!) LOVESTYLE divas, you will have noticed that the dreaded humidity has arrived … it’s 80% today which equates to a good 8/10 on the FH (Frizzy Hair) scale resulting in a mass of hair that even our GHD’s struggle to tame.

So needless to say, when it comes to keeping fit, we have a few months of beating the heat ahead of us. After all, whilst the arrival of Summer heralds the time to move indoors for some, for others, continuing to train outdoors is a welcome escape from the air con and the perfect opportunity to combine two stones and detox!

Here are my top tips if you fall in this category:

Short & sweet

If you normally run outdoors, just scale down the distance and intensity as in this weather you will get more tired. Don’t think you are skiving off however as a shorter workout will be just as beneficial. Think how much harder your body has to work just to cool itself down.

The Early Bird

It may reek havoc with your social life, but in order to exercise al fresco in summer you need to be out there super early or later in the evening. My choice? Super early as you then have the whole day and evening for a little work and lots of play. Besides, by evening, it can still feel unbearably hot after a day of intense sunshine.

Water Baby

Consider alternative sports and exercise if you normally do high impact land-based training. Water-based activities for example will keep you cool and we’re spoilt with options here from surf skiing to surfing, dragon boating to kayaking, aqua aerobics to traditional swimming training.

H20 Rules

If you are sweating a lot, you are probably losing a good litre per hour. So … you need to try to get that back in you. Keep a water bottle close to hand and sip regularly as opposed to glugging back epic quantities when you start to feel totally parched … by this stage, you are already very dehydrated. Energy drinks are also good in the heat but make sure they’re not overloaded with sugar and if you feel you are losing too much salt, add a pinch before you drink.

Protect & Perfect

If training outdoors when the sun is out, make sure you have sun cream on as well as a visor or baseball cap and sunglasses. adidas have some super cool shades for all manner of sports.

Fashion & Function

Choose threads that are moisture-wicking and quick drying. In this weather, cotton will get soaked through and will leave you feeling unbearably sticky and prone to chaffing.

Sleep Deep

The heat and humidity alone take a lot out of us. Throw in outdoor training and the additional exertion can easily lead to exhaustion. So … try to get to bed a little earlier and don’t feel bad about having an afternoon nap at the weekends. You’ve worked hard all week and deserve it!

Follow these tips and you can not only survive the summer but also retain your fitness and still get your fix of the outdoors. But be sensible too … if you ever feel faint or like your body temp is just too high, stop, rest, rehydrate and recover!

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