Wise old soles

Posted on May 30, 2011


I am listening to Once a Runner on audio right now.  A great book by John L Parker and one that I will cover alone in a future post but today, my words are about one particular line in the book … a comment made in passing about the personalities that our running shoes have. 


I had never thought of this before but needless to say spent the next few kilometres of my run contemplating this.

And indeed, our running shoes are actually our greatest allies … despite our throw-away attitude towards them as soon as they no longer fulfil our needs.

  • Whether re run long distance or short sprints, they accommodate us
  • Whether up monstrous mountains, down gentle hills or pounding the flat, they stick by us thick and thin
  • Whether the temperature is hot or cold, whether dressed for the snow or the sand, our running shoes adapt
  • When it rains, they get wet … but they soon dry
  • We can adjust them instantly for the desert with sand gaitors
  • And we can ready them for the ice, with the click of a spike
  • We take them to all four corners, in work, rest and play
  • They handle all terrains whether road, grass, trail or mud
  • They protect us from injury
  • And help us perform
  • They get us to the start of a race and over the finish line
  • They support and comfort us via our runs when the chips are down
  • Enable us to brainstorm when creative juices need flow
  • And they cushion our feet when we need nothing more than to let loose and leave behind the stress of a day
  • They are privy to highly confidential information passed between running partners and bosom buddies from bust ups with boyfriends to irksome bosses to faltering marriages
  • They have seen us at our best and at our worst; perhaps even tears of joy or disappointment

All this yet at the slightest sign of wear and tear we toss them aside and replace them with brand new shiny ones.

I’m not of course suggesting we build some sort of shrine … bury them deep in the ground under a commemorative memorial stone in the garden … of course not!

What I am suggesting though is that before we toss them aside that we spend a fleeting moment to say thanks to these wise old soles, who from the minute they come into our lives until the minute they leave them, never ever let us down. (You can’t even say that about a pair of Choos because wear super sexy heels for long enough and our feet will definitely know about it!)

That’s a pretty special thing.

Tomorrow I await a delivery of some new running shoes from my nbf’s at adidas. And I definitely intend to say a little thank you to the olds (at a mere two months!) before I put them to rest.

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