Paddle for the Planet

Posted on June 4, 2011


This morning, 7.30am, at Jumeirah Beach Hotel’s North Beach, our crystal clear waters were awash with paddlers …. kayakers, SUP’ers, surf-skiers, dragon boaters … I even caught sight of a swimmer with paddles on his hands … all there to support a pretty awesome initiative called Paddle for the Planet.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Seven tenths of the earth is covered by water and the oceans belong to each and every one of us
  • Every one of us has a right to assume that the oceans are managed for the benefit of us all and in turn our children and grandchildren
  • A pretty inspirational guy here, called Wayne Randall, initiated the Paddle for the Planet concept. Wayne also pioneered the Shamaal International with surf-ski races here in Dubai, in Mauritius and in South Africa
  • The idea is to gather a host of global ambassadors and respected watermen who are witnessing first-hand the decline of the ocean, our ‘playground’, to create a global movement to raise environmental awareness and give something back to our oceans
  • Every year, paddlers in countries from all four corners will at the same time, on their own patch of water, unite and paddle for the cause
  • The first project that funds raised will be put towards is the Daram Marine Reserve, in a far-flung corner of Indonesia. These magnificent islands should and have been home to the most bio-diverse tropical marine life on the planet … but without support from the likes of Paddle for the Planet, the entire area is in imminent danger of being decimated by reef bombing, illegal fishing and more
  • The global initiative will take place tomorrow, the 5th of June on World Environment Day but for us here in Dubai, it took place today … an initiation of sorts because it is here that Wayne has founded the movement

You can read all about it on the website  … unfortunately though, just reading about it isn’t enough.

Support and action is needed and so if you love the ocean and find yourself taking it for granted, register on the website and get involved.

Your ocean.

Your playground.

Save it!

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